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From the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and containing time series of financial and macroeconomic data for over 200 countries and areas.
Data includes:
International Financial Statistics (IFS)
Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPS)
Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS)
Government Finance Statistics (GFS)
Trade and Investment
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The International Financial Statistics Yearbook [shelved Level M, General Library at S1/IMF FINy] contains equivalent annual data. As well as constructing tables, PDF downloads of the page equivalents of the print editions are available. In the print edition and the PDF download the most important metadata are given on each topic page but it is advisable to consult the introductory pages, the notes on the country pages, and the notes at the end of the print volumes. This is particularly important if it is unclear from the description whether a series is a subset of another one, the country pages indicate these by means of indentation.

IFS data is also available from Datastream.


Annual data generally from 1948, monthly and quarterly data from 1957. Availability for countries and data categories varies.


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