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View Me » Direct ConnectMāori Feather and Fibre Taonga in Museums Collection

Detailed images of flax, kiekie and lacebark objects from museums in New Zealand and Britain, photographed by Maureen Lander.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts Audio Images Video

View Me » Direct ConnectMāori Land Court Minute Books Index

An index of the minute books for hearings held between 1865 and 1910.

View Me »MagazinePlus (including Zasshi kiji sakuin)

Citations of scholarly journals, popular and business magazines.
Contains: Citation data

View Me » Direct ConnectMAIS: Multicultural Australia and Immigration Studies

Indexes and abstracts books, book chapters, journal articles, selected newspaper articles, government documents, conference papers, research reports, theses and multimedia on Australian immigration and multicultural issues.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectMAIS-ATSIS

Multicultural Australia and Immigration Studies - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Subset (MAIS-ATSIS) is part of the MAIS database.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectMaking of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative and International Law, 1600–1926

Legal treatises, historical records and works from the 17th century to the early 20th century.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMaking of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926

The full text of 22,000 British Commonwealth and American legal treatises published between 1800-1926 that trace the evolution of modern law.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMaking of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926

A legal history collection of Anglo-American trials from 1600-1926, providing facsimile copies of over 10,000 trial transcripts, briefs, arguments, and other court documents, as well as popular printed accounts of sensational trials.

View Me » Direct ConnectMaking of the Modern World

Monographs on economics, business, political and social history published 1450-1914.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectManuscripts and Archives

More than 1,000 archival collections in Special Collections, Te Tumu Herenga, including architecture and fine arts material.

View Me » Direct ConnectMāori Bibliography from Te Whare Wananga o Waikato

An index of chapters and articles on all aspects of the Māori people.

View Me » Direct ConnectMāori Land Online (MLOL)

Current ownership, trustee, memorial and block (geospatial) information, supported by computer-generated map display, for land that falls within the jurisdiction of the Māori Land Court.

View Me » Direct ConnectMarch of Time

The historical newsreel series The March of Time includes 800 short films from 1935-1951.
Contains: Video

View Me » Direct ConnectMarket Information Digest

Provides data on supermarket grocery categories: which categories, manufacturers and brands are growing or declining, their size and performance over the last 2 years.
Contains: Company information Data

View Me » Direct ConnectMarketLine Advantage

Company and industry reports, financial and country profiles, statistical data, and financial deals data.
Contains: Company information Data

View Me »Martinus Nijhoff Online (Brill E-Book Collections)

Scholarly books in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, and Law published by Brill and Martinus Nijhoff.

View Me » Direct ConnectMass Observation Online

Primary sources for British social history, 1937-1972, from the Mass-Observation Archive documenting public opinion, living conditions, and the events of daily life.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMasterFILE Premier

A general resource for a wide range of topical issues including business, health, education, general science and mass media.
Contains: E-Journals Images

View Me » Direct ConnectMastering University

A journey into the world of learning.

View Me » Direct ConnectMaterials Business File

Covers industry news, international trade data, government regulations and management issues related to the metals and materials industries.

View Me » Direct ConnectMaterials Research Database

Covers materials science, metallurgy, ceramics, polymers and composites used in engineering application.

View Me » Direct ConnectMATERIALSnetBASE

Handbooks on materials science published by CRC Press.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMath Solutions E-books

Books specifically on mathematics education.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMathEduc Database

International coverage of the literature on research, theory and practice in mathematics education.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me »Mathematics Education Database (MathEduc Database)

International coverage of the literature on research, theory and practice in mathematics education.

View Me » Direct ConnectMATHnetBASE

Texts and handbooks on pure mathematics or applications in engineering, finance, biology, and also mathematical physics, numerical analysis, logic, mathematical computation.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMathSciNet

Indexes academic papers and books in maths, statistics, and applications to other sciences, engineering, medicine, economics, social sciences, philosophy, often with reviews.
Contains: Abstracts Citation data

View Me » Direct ConnectMax Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law

Comprehensive collection of articles on public international law written by experts in international law, and published by Oxford University Press.
Contains: Encyclopedias

View Me » Direct ConnectMechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts

Citations, abstracts, and indexing of the serials literature in mechanical and transportation engineering and their complementary fields.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectMEDGE - Management and Environment Information

An index of articles on management issues for business and government.

View Me » Direct ConnectMedia Scan

Articles indexed from major Australian daily newspapers.
Contains: Newspapers

View Me » Direct ConnectMedicinesComplete

Drug and healthcare reference works: AHFS Drug Information, British National Formulary, BNF for Children, Clarke's Analysis of Drugs and Poisons, Dietary Supplements, Drug Administration via Enteral Feeding Tubes, Handbook on Injectable Drugs, Herbal Medicines, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors, Stability-indicating HPLC Methods for Drug Analysis, Stockley's Drug Interactions, Stockley's Interaction Alerts and Stockley's Herbal Medicines Interactions.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMedieval Family Life

Five major letter collections and associated manuscripts from 15th century England: the Paston, Stonor, Cely, Plumpton and Amburgh papers.

View Me » Direct ConnectMedieval Sources Online

Scholarly translations and annotated editions of medieval source documents from the 7th to 16th century.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMedieval Travel Writing

Manuscript materials for the study of medieval travel writing, real and imaginary.

View Me » Direct ConnectMEDLINE (Ovid)

Journal articles in all fields of medicine, biomedicine, health sciences and allied health, from 1946 to current; now includes all records which were previously in the OldMedline database.

View Me »MEDLINE (PubMed) (PubMed)

Journal articles in all fields of medicine, biomedicine, health sciences and allied health.

View Me » Direct ConnectMendeley

A desktop and web program for managing and sharing research papers, discovering research data and collaborating online.

View Me » Direct ConnectMerck Index

An encyclopaedia of organic and inorganic chemicals, including naturally-occurring substances, laboratory reagents, pharmaceuticals and drugs.

View Me » Direct ConnectMergent Online

A primary source for comparative data on US and international companies.
Contains: Company information

View Me » Direct ConnectMetadex

A unique index for metals and alloys information, covering all aspects of metallurgical science and technology, especially properties, processing, products and material development.

View Me » Direct ConnectMethods in Organic Synthesis

A text-searchable web version of Methods in Organic Synthesis (MOS).

View Me » Direct ConnectMeyler's Side Effects of Drugs

International encyclopedia of adverse drug reactions and interactions.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMicromedex

Includes Drugdex (comprehensive evidence based information on prescription, nonprescription, and investigational drugs or medicines) and Poisindex (covers poisons and toxicology).

View Me » Direct ConnectMiddle English Compendium

Comprises a Middle English corpus of texts and a dictionary, with a bibliography of the texts cited in the dictionary.
Contains: Dictionaries

View Me » Direct ConnectMigration to New Worlds Module II The Modern Era

Commencing with the activities of the New Zealand Company during the 1840s, this database presents thousands of unique original sources focusing on the growth of colonisation companies during the 19th century, the activities of American immigration and welfare societies, and the plight of refugees and displaced persons throughout the 20th century.
Contains: Archives and manuscripts

View Me » Direct ConnectMIHILIST - The Australasian Military History Database

Index of articles from published material on pre-1980 Australian, New Zealand and Papua-New Guinean military history.

View Me » Direct ConnectMIMS Gateway

New Zealand medicines, searchable by therapeutic class, generic name and brand name, including all schedule products, unfunded and common OTC medicines.

View Me » Direct ConnectMINABS Online

Abstracts of articles on mineralogy, crystallography, geochemistry, petrology, environmental mineralogy.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectMIT CogNet

An electronic community for scholarly research in the cognitive and brain sciences that includes books, reference works and conference proceedings.
Contains: E-books

View Me » Direct ConnectMLA Directory of Periodicals

Provides publisher information on journals indexed in the MLA International Bibliography.

View Me » Direct ConnectMLA International Bibliography

Indexes critical materials on all modern languages and literature, linguistics, and folklore, including dramatic arts (film, radio, television and theatre).
Contains: E-Journals Theses

View Me »MLA Literary Research Guide (Literary Research Guide)

A descriptive and evaluative guide to reference sources for literature in English and its related topics.

View Me » Direct ConnectMomentum Press E-Book Collection

A collection of around 30 books published 2009-2010 by Momentum Press.
Contains: E-books

View Me »MUSE (Music Search) (RILM Abstracts of Music Literature)

The premier international database of music scholarship, produced by Repertoire International de Litterature in New York.

View Me »Music Online - Classical Scores Library (Classical Scores Library)

Downloadable and printable classical sheet music, including out-of-copyright works and contemporary composers.
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