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View Me » Direct ConnectA Plus Education

Australian publications on wide range of education subjects, including New Zealand and Pacific content.
Contains: Abstracts Conference papers E-Journals Theses

View Me » Direct ConnectAEI - Australian Education Index

Published and unpublished material at all levels of education and related fields.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectAEI-ATSIS

Published and unpublished material about or by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Contains: E-Journals

View Me » Direct ConnectAko Aotearoa Knowledge Centre

A comprehensive source of information on recent tertiary education research and implementation projects, currently being conducted in New Zealand (2006 onwards).

View Me » Direct ConnectAPA PsycInfo

Major international index of psychology books, journal articles, book reviews and book chapters.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectAUSTGUIDE

Contains all the Guidelines and Educational Guidelines data collected by Bibliographic Services Pty Ltd from January 1986-2006.
Contains: Abstracts

View Me » Direct ConnectAustralia/New Zealand Reference Centre

Academic journals, magazines, newspapers, newswires, reference books and company information from Australian, New Zealand and selected overseas magazines.
Contains: Abstracts E-Journals Images Newspapers
7 Databases found

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