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DANTIN, Isabelle 88055 Library 
DAWES, Tia 88717 Career Development Consultant - Maori & Postgraduate, GraftonCareer Development and Employability
DAWSON, Elizabeth 48415 Library AssistantSylvia Ashton-Warner Library - Epsom (Education) 
DEWAR, Rayna 48418 Library AssistantSylvia Ashton-Warner Library - Epsom (Education) 
DING, Xiaowei 85973 Subject LibrarianDavis Law
DIPERT, Sarah Jayne 84091 Human Resources ManagerCorporate 
DIXON, Paula  Chapman Archive Digitisation AssistantMedia 
DOHERTY, Samantha 88078 Library AssistantFine Arts 
DORADO, John  Career Development ConsultantCareer Development and Employability 
DORAN, Russell 88055 Library 
DOWNING, Jian 88047 Assistant 
DRECKI, Igor 86506 Curator Cartographic and Geospatial ResourcesCartographic &
DUNBAR, Sarah 84913 Library AssistantSpecial 


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