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This service is only available to University of Auckland students, staff, and affiliated groups.

Enquiries and comments about the service are appreciated as the Library is keen to improve its services.

Examples of questions that are easily answered with this service:

  • Facts, addresses, statistics, etc
  • Suggestions about how to research a specific topic or locate particular kinds of information
  • Information about Library services and resources
  • Contacts in the Library for advice on a particular subject area, service area etc

If your request is complicated or time-consuming, we may need to contact you to negotiate how and when your request can be answered.

We usually respond to your request within 24 hours, during our hours of operation (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm). If you require a reply in less than 24 hours, telephone us on +64 9 373 7599 ext.88044.

We will not reply to questions that are abusive, offensive, irrelevant or silly.


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