Our website

Our users' experience informs a programme of change for the Libraries and Learning Services website.

February 2018

Library mobile app (Boopsie) retired. The app was launched in 2010 and in its heyday, in March 2014 82,873 queries by 4,225 users were recorded. A noted decline in usage since then, coupled with the new homepage design and new look Catalogue being mobile friendly, led to the decision to retire the app.

November 2017 changes

A new look to the Catalogue. Key features are covered in the News announcement Welcome to the new-look Catalogue and a summary of responses to feedback is available.

December 2016 release

A revised homepage. Key features are covered in the News announcement Website update: A modern design that supports discovery.

January 2015 changes

These changes follow on from the introduction of the new Study Skills section.

December 2014 release

A new Study Skills section draws together Libraries and Learning Services resources and services to help students develop academic and study skills. We worked with students to group this web content in a way that made sense to them. These areas are:

The framework for this section has been put in place and some of the resources linked from these pages have been redesigned. Other resources will be reviewed and redesigned in 2015.

The Student Learning Services web pages have also been revised and include a new page promoting their Learning Advisers.

September 2014 changes

Bon voyage Voyager

  • We have upgraded to the Alma library management software which supports better management of print, digital and electronic formats and is designed to enhance search and discovery in Library Search.
  • As a result, the Voyager library management system has been retired and the Voyager catalogue removed from the Libraries and Learning Services website and replaced by the Library Search catalogue.
  • Multi-database search was retired from the Libraries and Learning Services website and replaced by Articles & more in Library Search. This searches over 150 million articles, many available as full text.

December 2013 release

A new look subject guides menu:

  • Restyled menu pages for discovering our subject guides by faculty.
  • These pages are accessed from the Subject Guides link, on the left-hand side of the Libraries and Learning Services homepage.
  • Each of the pages for Arts, Business and Economics, Creative Arts and Industries, Education, Engineering, Law, Medical and Health Sciences, and Science present the range of subject guides supporting the discipline.
  • This release supports a broader project to revise our subject guides. Subject Librarians are migrating content into a redesigned format.

February 2013 release

Enhancements to our Databases web pages include:

  • Introduction of a search box, enabling quick access to database records based on your search terms.
    The AND operator is added between words, this is the same as Library Search. Punctuation and any symbols are ignored.
  • Post-search limits may be applied, allowing you to Refine by Database Type or Subject.
  • E-journals starting with your search term(s) are presented.
  • Browse A-Z and Browse by Subject are more clearly presented.
  • Browse and search results feature a short database description and a new Direct Connect button.
  • Connect records feature the Contact librarian(s).
  • Key and Supplementary subjects are being added to Connect records. These link you to other databases covering the same subject(s).
  • A link to mobileCONNECT is provided where available.

February 2012 release

Three major strands of work have been drawn together in this release:

  • The introduction of a content management system.
  • A design makeover in presentation and information architecture.
  • A complete rewrite of our Services and About Us content to support our users’ task-based activities.


  • Our separate Library and Information Commons sites are drawn together into one website.
  • Services focuses on the Library’s operations, written for our current academic staff, researchers and students.
  • About Us contains content that relates to our system wide services.
  • New look Libraries and Information Commons pages act as an initial points of contact for our users.
  • A revised e-books page is reintroduced to the Find menu.
  • A Referencing section and our Bindery service are promoted to the homepage.
  • Our Help section on the homepage moves to the top of the right-hand column, in the same region as My Library Account, Ask a Librarian and the Quick Links drop-down box.

Guiding principles for our web design

Our web presence goals

  • To undertake a user-centered approach to developing a consolidated web presence in which target audiences find usable, inviting and relevant to the their Libraries, Learning Services and Information Commons related tasks.
  • To improve the efficiency of Libraries, Learning Services and Information Commons web publishing through the implementation of a content management system and associated structure and processes.

Our website goals

  • All users can easily complete the tasks they are using the Library website for.
  • Researchers can conveniently discover other search tools or content appropriate to their research information needs.
  • All users can conveniently access assistance in the context of their audience need and / or task.
  • All users can easily identify and engage with library services they require.
  • The Library’s collections depth is promoted to users, especially the value of its unique and open access collections for scholarship and research.
  • All users can move seamlessly between the library website and other University websites and services (and vice versa).

Our homepage

  • Search
    Search Everything provides immediate access to our Catalogue, Articles, Exams and a range of other resources. The drop-down menu leads to the More option providing the depth of Library resources and search options available.
  • Browse
    The pathways of Help, Study, Research, Teach, About and Contacts lead to the complete range of services.
  • Promotion
    We also take the opportunity to promote our collections, services and items of note on our homepage and in our news to visitors to the page.