Organisation structure

Libraries and Learning Services is organised into five areas each contributing to the provision of high quality resources and services.

Corporate Services is responsible for finance, HR, project management, copyright, communication and marketing and other administrative functions, all of which report directly to the University Librarian.

Academic and Research Support Services is managed by the Associate University Librarian (Academic and Research Support Services), and consists of:

  • Subject Librarian teams provide services to support research, teaching and learning activities at the University. This includes working with faculties to integrate information and academic literacy into the curriculum, offering research consultations to assist with in-depth information queries and maintaining a Library collection relevant to the needs of the University.
  • Learning Advisers within Student Learning Services provide workshops, resources and advice to enhance student learning activities. This includes working with faculties to integrate academic and information literacy into the curriculum, services for doctoral candidates, Māori and Pacific students and students with learning disabilities. The English Language Enrichment team provides resources and advice for any student wanting to improve their academic English.
  • Learning Support Services manages library workshops offered to all University of Auckland staff and students, and collaborates with Subject Librarians, Learning Advisers and academic staff to integrate academic and information literacy into the curriculum. Learning Support Services also coordinate support for reference management tools.
  • Research Support Services works closely with Subject Librarians, researchers and the Research Office. The team has primary responsibility for Research Outputs client support and the BiblioInformatics Service.
  • Career Development and Employability Services assist current University of Auckland students (as well as graduates up to three years after graduation) with all aspects of career development.

Access Services is managed by the Assistant University Librarian (Access Services) which includes:

  • Lending, Interloan and Enquiry Services which includes lending and enquiry services at the General Library, intercampus delivery and interlibrary loan (the supply of material to and from other libraries in New Zealand and overseas).
  • The Information Commons Group.

Collections is managed by the Associate University Librarian (Collections) and includes project-based management of the Library's print collection as well as:

  • Acquisitions, Metadata and Serials, which are responsible for maintaining and providing access to the Library’s collections through its catalogues, including ordering and cataloguing resources in all formats.
  • Reading Lists (Talis).
  • General Library’s Special Collections.
  • Bindery and Off-Campus Storage.

Digital Services is managed by the Associate University Librarian (Digital Services), and consists of seven teams:

  • Digital Development Team and Applications Support Team providing software development and application support for all the Library managed digital content systems.
  • Cartographic and Geospatial Resources which provide services related to the digital geospatial information and the map collection.
  • Library Systems which supports the technical infrastructure of the Library's operations in collaboration with ITS.
  • Media Archives which is responsible for the Chapman Archive, the enterprise media repository and the streaming television service.
  • The Archive of Māori and Pacific Sound.
  • Web Team which is responsible for the maintenance and development of the Library's web pages.