Associate Membership overview

Who may be granted Associate Membership?

The University Librarian may grant Associate Membership to members of the community whose information needs can most appropriately be met from the resources held in the University Library. This membership will normally be available for a fee (a 30% discount is available for University of Auckland alumni) if you are:

  • A graduate of any university (evidence of degree held is required).
  • Not enrolled in a formal course of study at another tertiary educational institution.
  • Not an employee at another tertiary educational institution (with the exception of Teacher Associate Members).

Full details of Associate Membership and current fees are detailed in Library Membership and Conditions of Access.

Teacher Associate Membership

Membership of the University Library may be granted to practising teachers or administrators who are permanent employees of early childhood centres, primary, intermediate and secondary schools in the Auckland and Northland Regions, and home-schoolers in these regions approved by the Ministry of Education. Applicants need not hold a tertiary qualification. Two levels of service are available, as set out in Categories of Associate Membership.

Special circumstances

  • Only in exceptional circumstances will the University Librarian grant Associate Membership to an individual who is enrolled in a formal course of study or who is a current staff member at another tertiary educational institution.
  • Business, organisation or corporate membership is not available.
  • People who do not meet the criteria or who cannot meet the membership fees may still apply in writing to the University Librarian to request membership. A $30 processing fee will be charged if your application for waiver of fees is approved.