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What Qualifies as a Legal Essay Collection? | Searching for Legal Essays on Voyager 

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What Qualifies as a Legal Essay Collection?
The Davis has adopted a broad definition of Legal Essay collections to assist with their retrieval
  • The work must be published as a book / monograph
  • It must contain two or more articles
The following are examples of Legal Essay Collections:
  • Festschriften, homage and memorial works
  • Collections of essays by different authors, grouped around a theme and published specifically as essay collection
  • Monographs which contain chapters written by more than one author
  • Compilations of essays written by the same author
  • Conference/seminar proceedings
  • Compilations of articles dedicated to a particular theme, previously published in disparate journals
Searching for Legal Essays on Voyager

Titles of legal essays are recorded in the Table of Contents field. This field may only be searched using Guided Keyword. The example below illustrates a Guided Keyword search for essays on the rights of indigenous people in international law:

  • From Voyager select Guided Keyword Search

  • Enter keywords into the Search for boxes. Three boxes are available for ease of searching. Enter one search concept per box

  • Select Boolean operators (note: use the as a phrase option for phrases)


  • Click Search
  • Click on the title to view the bibliographic record

  • Click on the Full view button to open the Table of Contents