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International Standards

Standards by Country

Full text Standards Databases

  • ASTM Standards A searchable online collection of standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials.

  • British Standards Online A searchable online database from the British Standards Institution providing access to the entire set of current British standards- over 55,000 documents. BSOL is updated daily.
  • IEEE Standards & Draft Standards IEEE Xplore, put out by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, allows you to browse and search for Standards and Draft Standards put out by IEEE.
  • New Zealand Standards Online A searchable online collection of all Standards New Zealand and AS/SNZ standards.

International Standards

CEN European Committee for Standardization  

Comprehensive website including latest news and publications by the CEN and an On-line catalogue of European Standards.

IHS Standards Store
"Founded in 1959, IHS offers a broad base of engineering data from research and design to manufacturing and repair". The IHS Standards Store allows you to search and purchase standards and specifications from more than 450 technical societies around the world.

ILI Online Standards (free searching and title display , free registration required) 
The ILI Online Standards database is provided by ILI , based in UK, a supplier of all worldwide hardcopy technical Standards from distribution centres in Europe and the US.

The ILI Online Standards database contains standards (including in force, cancelled, Superseded and draft standards) from a large number of standards issuing bodies including: ANSI (American National Standards Institute), API (American Petroleum Institute), ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air-conditioning Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), ASTM (American Society of Testing & Materials), BS (British Standards Institution), CECC (CENELEC Electronic Components Committee), DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung, German standards), EIA (Electronic Industries Association), IEE (Institute of Electrical Engineers), IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), etc..

This is a free searchable web catalogue of standards linked to an Internet Ordering facility (free registration required). This catalogue can be searched by Standard number or by title. All standards in this catalogue can be ordered online.

ISO Standards Catalogue (free searching and title display)
The ISO Catalogue is provided by ISO . The ISO - International Organization for Standardization is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies from some 130 countries , one from each country. ISO is a non-governmental organization established in 1947. The mission of ISO is to promote the development of standardization and related activities in the world with a view to facilitating the international exchange of goods and services, and to developing cooperation in the spheres of intellectual, scientific, technological and economic activity. ISO's work results in international agreements which are published as International Standards.

The ISO Catalogue contains a complete listing of published ISO standards, classified by subject, as well as a list of withdrawn standards . The database can be browsed or searched. ISO covers international standardization in all fields except electrical and electronic engineering, which are the responsibility of the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), a partner organization with ISO.

IEC Webstore
The IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission, founded in 1906, a partner organization with ISO , is the world's leading organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. These are known collectively as “electrotechnology”.

"On this Webstore you can buy IEC International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. Our Standards are available in a variety of formats including electronic versions (PDF or CD/DVD), printed versions and by database subscriptions. We accept all major credit cards and other forms of payment in our secure webstore".

ITU Publications 

The ITU - International Telecommunication Union is "the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services. For 145 years, ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, worked to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world, established the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems and addressed the global challenges of our times, such as mitigating climate change and strengthening cybersecurity".

The ITU consists of ITU TELECOME and three sectors, the ITU-T, Telecommunication Standardization Sector, the ITU-R, Radio communication Sector, and the ITU-D, Telecommunication Development Sector. "The ITU is the leading publisher of telecommunication technology, regulatory and standard information. Over 4'500 titles in printed form and growing  number on CD-ROM, DVD and Online".

NISO Standards (free searching and title display, free registration required) 
NISO standards are available at no cost because of the organizations that support NISO with membership dues and committee membership.

NISO has approved and published 33 national standards. To encourage the use of NISO standards all NISO American National Standards are available as free, downloadable pdf files. NISO standards can also be purchased in hardcopy from NISO Press Fulfilment.

All NISO standards undergo a review and maintenance cycle. If a standard is still viable it is Reaffirmed. For example, "R2001" following Z39.2 indicates that Z39.2 was Reaffirmed in 2001. When a standard is revised it is balloted and approved by the NISO Members and the approval year is added to the designation. For example, ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995 was last approved in 1995.

NSSN Standards
A National Resource for Global Standards is a search engine that provides users with standards-related information from a wide range of developers, including organizations accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), other U.S. private sector standards bodies, government agencies and international organizations.


Standards by Country Top of page

Australian Standards Online Catalogue (free searching and abstracts)
The Australian Standards (AS) Online Catalogue is provided by Standards Australian , an independent not-for-profit organization which prepares and publishes most of the voluntary technical and commercial standards used in Australia. Standards Australia is the Australian representative on the two major international standardizing bodies, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Standards Australia maintains strong links with Standards New Zealand , and the two organizations have a formal agreement on preparing and publishing joint standards. Standards Australia has a policy of adopting International Standards wherever possible. As a result, according to Standards Australia 1999 Annual Reports, 25% of current Australian Standards are fully or substantially aligned with International Standards. Around 25% of Australian Standards simply have no international equivalent.

The database contains all AS standards (current, superseded, withdrawn or draft), as well as ISO and IEC standards. It can be searched by title keywords, subjects , and a standard number. You can also choose to search either Australian standards, ISO standards or IEC standards, or all of them by checking the radio button on the search screen. The new AS standards, new ISO standards and new AS drafts are available from this site by clicking on the links on the left-hand side of the screen. The search results will be displayed with the standards scope and abstracts free of charge. The database searching help - Searching Tips , is available at the bottom of this site. All Australian standards can be ordered online.

British Standards Online
A searchable online database from the British Standards Institution providing access to the entire set of current British standards- over 55,000 documents. BSOL is updated daily.

Canada, Canadian Standards (free searching and abstracts )  
The Canadian Standards database is one of those searchable online provided by Standards Council of Canada (SCC), a federal Crown corporation with the mandate to promote efficient and effective standardization.

Choose 'search' from the home page.  The Standards Council has the mandate to coordinate and oversee the efforts of the National Standards System, which includes organizations and individuals involved in voluntary standards development, promotion and implementation in Canada. Accredited standards-development organizations may submit standards to the Standards Council for approval as National Standards of Canada. This designation indicates that the given document meets criteria that are important to many standards users.

The Canadian Standards database contains titles and scopes / abstracts of the latest information on standards and technical regulations used in Canada. The database can be searched by keywords and standard number. There are also links to the other international and national standards databases such as ISO Standards database, IEC Standards database, Australia (SAA), Britain (BIS), France (AFNOR), Germany (DIN), and Global Engineering Documents(IHS) standards database. The Canadian Standards can be ordered online.

Germany (DIN) Standards Database (free searching and title display)
The Germany (DIN) Standards Database is provided by the Beuth Verlag .A searchable online Germany Standards database, including DIN Standards, ISO Standards, VDI Guidelines and publications of Beuth Verlag. The database can be searched by keywords, standard number, publish date, etc. and the titles of the standards can be displayed free of charge. The online order of DIN standards is available on this site.


The site contains specialized data such as yearly information about the number of live births and the labour market in the section titled "Statistical Data", and a 2003 publication titled "Greece in Numbers" which is a 27-page document featuring some basic demographic data, along with information about the country's manufacturing output and natural resources. 

Ireland, NSAI Standards (free searching/browsing and summaries)  
NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) is a designated national body formulating, and publishing standards and providing legal metrology and certification services on behalf of the government.
This is a searchable online catalogue which can be searched in a certain field.  The new standards can be downloaded with Adobe Acrobat under the New Standards subcategory.

Japanese Industrial Standards Catalogue (free searching and summary)
Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) is produced by JISC (Japanese Industrial Standards Committee). The JISC consists of many national committees and plays central role in standardization activities in Japan. The tasks of JISC are: Establishment and maintenance of JIS; Administration of Accreditation and Certification; Participation and Contribution in International Standardization Activities; Development of Measurement Standards and Technical Infrastructure for Standardization.

JIS cover industrial and mineral products with the exception of medicines; agricultural chemicals; chemical fertilizers; silk yarn; and foodstuffs, agricultural and forest products designated under the Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labelling of Agricultural and Forestry Products. All JIS newly established and revised are sent to JSA (Japanese Standards Association) from AIST to be put into print. Thus, the printing and distribution of JIS are carried out by JSA.

The JIS Catalogue contains of all the current Japanese Industrial Standards. The catalogue can be searched by entering either a keyword or the JIS number or both the number and a keyword. The online searching help is available on this site. There are also the Latest published JIS on the site for browsing.

Singapore Standards (free browsing and abstracts)
The Singapore Standards is provided by SPRING Singapore (the Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board). As the national standards body, SPRING Singapore administers the Singapore standardisation programme, which focuses on developing and promoting the use of standards in enterprises and industry. SPRING Singapore also represents Singapore in international standards development activities and actively supports the government's Free Trade Agreement (FTA) strategy to ensure market access for Singapore goods and services. 

Singapore Standards are nationally recognised documents, established by consensus. They are functional or technical requirements in the form of specifications for materials, product system or process, codes of practice, methods of test, terminologies, guides etc.   

ASTM Standards
A searchable online collection of standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials.
US, NSSN Standards
"A National Resource for Global Standards is a search engine that provides users with standards-related information from a wide range of developers, including organizations accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), other U.S. private sector standards bodies, government agencies and international organizations".

Subject-Based Standards Top of page

ASA     AIAA     AIIM     AMCA     AHRI     ASHRAE     ASME     ASTM     EIA/JEDED     IEEE     NASA     SAE     ACSI 33

Acoustical Standards (free browsing and abstracts )
The online Acoustical Standards is provided by ASA (Acoustical Society of America), primarily a voluntary organization and attracts the interest, commitment, and service of a large number of professionals in variety of fields related to sound such as: Physics, Measurement Technologies and Instrumentation, Nearly All Engineering Disciplines, Robotics and Computer Sciences, Oceanography Underwater Propagation, Biology, Speech and Hearing, Noise and Noise Control, Animal Bioacoustics, Structural Acoustics and Vibration.

The ASA was appointed by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as sponsor of four committees, S1 on Acoustics, S2 on Mechanical Shock and Vibration, S3 on Bioacoustics, and S12 on Noise, for producing, developing a consensus for, and adopting standards in accordance with procedures approved by ANSI.

The Acoustical Standards contains American national standards (ANS) as well as international standards (ISO and IEC) and international standards drafts on acoustics. The American national standards (ANS) can be ordered and download online and the international standards can be ordered by mail, phone or fax.

AIAA Standards (free searching/browsing and Abstracts)
The AIAA Standards are produced by AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), a non-profit society of the aerospace engineer and scientist, with currently 66 technical committees. AIAA standards activities are conducted through Committees on Standards (CoS), which are supervised by the Standards Executive Council. The AIAA Standards Program is accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute). AIAA also involved in the ISO Committee on Space Systems and Operations (TC20/SC14) and administers the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) which guides all US participation in this Committee.

The AIAA Standards site contains all the current AIAA standards which can be browsed or searched. Those standards can be ordered online from this site. In addition, AIAA is developing the Collection of Preferred Space-Related Standards, an information service through which committees are examining standards from many standards developers to determine whether they meet criteria to be declared "preferred for current and future space systems use."

AIIM Standards Catalogue (free browsing and title)
The AIIM Standards are produced by AIIM (Association for Information & Image Management International), an accredited ANSI (American National Standards Institute) development organization. AIIM creates national (American) and international standards, technical reports, and recommended practices. The AIIM Standards Catalogue contains a list (standard titles and a brief introduction) of the current, ANSI approved AIIM standards, including micrographic standards, electronic imaging standards. The AIIM standards can be ordered online via Techstreet.

AMCA Standards Catalogue (free browsing and title display)
The AMCA Standards Catalogue is provided by AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc.), based in U.S., a not-for-profit trade association of the world's manufacturers of air movement and control equipment - primarily fans, louvers, dampers and related air systems equipment. AMCA publishes and distributes standards in air moving and air control devices. Many of AMCA's standards are accepted as American National Standards (ANS). AMCA is active on the technical committees of the International Standards Organization (ISO), and participates in the development of international standards for the industry. The AMCA Standards Catalogue lists the titles and price of all the current AMCA standards. The hardcopy of the standards can be ordered by mail, fax or phone from the Order site .
AHRI free Standards (free browsing & full text)  
AHRI standards and guidelines are used throughout the world. They stimulate innovation and creation and are the stepping stones to improving product performance. Through the use of industry standards and voluntary participation in AHRI's certification programs, consumers can be assured manufacturers' performance claims are accurate and rated uniformly, enabling fair comparisons. AHRI provides access to its standards and guidelines, as well as information about how they are developed and advanced globally.

ASHRAE Standards (free searching/browsing and abstracts)  
The ASHRAE Standards are provided by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers), an international organization ASHRAE writes standards and guidelines in its fields of expertise to guide industry in the delivery of goods and services to the public. ASHRAE standards and guidelines include uniform methods of testing for rating purposes, describe recommended practices in designing and installing equipment and provide other information to guide the industry. ASHRAE has some 87 active standards and guideline project committees, addressing such broad areas as indoor air quality, thermal comfort, energy conservation in buildings, reducing refrigerant emissions, and the designation and safety classification of refrigerants.

The ASHRAE Standards give the Titles, Purposes, and Scopes for each standard and guideline. One can search the ASHRAE Standards by keywords or browse the list of the ASHRAE Standards by moving down the scroll bar. The Subject Index can also be used to view the areas in which ASHRAE is active in writing standards and guidelines. Following the subject index are topic titles with a listing of related ASHRAE standards and guidelines. For information on accessing selected public review drafts electronically, see How To Access Drafts on the ASHRAE's FTP site.

ASME Standards (free browsing/searching and title display)
There are currently more than 600 codes and standards for the engineering profession, the public, industry and government published by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), a non-profit organization, on topics such as screw threads, flow measurements, machine guarding, elevators and escalators, valves, tools, and more. The ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code establish rules of safety governing the design, fabrication, and inspection of boilers, pressure vessels, and nuclear power plant components during construction. ASME programs also include engineering education, technical conferences and exhibits, government relations, and public education. The ASME Standards are available on the TechStreet site which contains all current AMSE standards.
ASTM Standards
A searchable online collection of standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials.
NASA preferred technical standards (free searching and title / full text)  
The NASA preferred technical standards are provided by the Office of the Chief Engineer , NASA .The NASA preferred technical standards contains references to documents developed by NASA, by other Government organizations, as well as by Voluntary Consensus Standards (VCS) organizations. The development and adoption of standards products is a major focus of attention for future evolution of this web site. The listed standards are referred to as "Preferred Technical Standards" in the sense that they have been used on NASA programs and are generally considered to represent best current practice in specific areas. NASA standards are full text available from this site.

SAE Standards (free browsing and title display)
There are thousands of mobility engineering (Ground Vehicle & Aerospace) standards are produced by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), an important resource for technical information and expertise used in designing, building, maintaining, and operating self-propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space. There are more than 7,000 committee members and participants, maintains over 8,300 technical standards and related documents. The SAE Standards site contains all the SAE standards and drafts. It can be searched by keywords or standard number. The SAE Standards can be ordered online.

Semiconductor Standards (free searching and full text)
The Semiconductor Standards are produced by JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) Solid State Technology Association, the semiconductor engineering standardization body of the EIA (Electronic Industries Alliance) which represents manufacturers in the electronics industry. The Semiconductor Standards contain all JEDEC standards and EIA/JEDED standards which full text can be freely downloaded (in Acrobat format), as well as information on standards proposals and press releases. You need to register to get a free login name and password when you search for a standard or download it. Some of the information on the site is restricted to members only.

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