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New Zealand company information can be sourced from a variety of places. Depending on the type of information required, it may be necessary to look in a number of resources.

Confidentiality or commercial sensitivity will be the most likely reasons for some information not being available. For small and most unlisted companies in New Zealand information is very limited, particularly financial information.

It may be useful to do a search on the Library catalogue to find company information in books. A phrase search using the subject heading "business enterprises new zealand" may also be useful. Additional resources to check include databases which index journals.You can often piece together information about a company by analysing information from journal and newspaper articles.

The New Zealand Companies Act 1993 is the legislation that covers company structure in NZ.

Company profiles
Factiva Search for news articles on NZ companies. Use Companies/Markets tab to find listed companies.
NZX Company Research NZ listed and de-listed companies. Financials, announcements, annual reports, top shareholders, prices & forecasts, investment profile, financial profile, company news, dividend diary, 30 day prices, 12 month and 5 year charts.
MarketLine Advantage Access to company profiles.
Mergent Online Includes company synopsis, history, joint ventures, subsidiaries, long term debt, executives, and news. Covers around 140 listed companies (includes active and inactive).
New Zealand Business Who's Who A listing of companies, private and public. Information given for each company includes the address, phone/fax number, names of directors, executives, bankers, auditors and solicitors, number of employees (not given for every company), parent company or affiliates, industry or service group, brand names and products. No financial information.
Osiris Contact information, legal and account information, main activity and industry, key financial and employees, directors & managers, auditor details, ownership information.

a'Courts A listing of over 15,000 New Zealand companies listed under product headings, brands listed alphabetically with suppliers, companies listed under trade headings and an alphabetical list of companies with at least a street location and phone number given. Held in print, Business Reference 338.7025 A18.
Companies Office Some free information, including directors, shareholders, company address, certificates of incorporation, company constitutions.
Company links From Sharechat, links to companies on the NZX main board, unlisted securities market and new capital market.
Kompass Information on over 16,000 NZ companies. Basic information plus a list of company products and services.
Meat and Wool New Zealand Trade Directory Brief directory information searchable by market, product and brand.
New Zealand Business Who's Who A listing of private and public companies. Held in print, incomplete holdings from 1948, NZP 658.058 N53.
New Zealand Incubators Lists and links to business incubator sites.
State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) List of SOEs with links.
Who owns whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East & Africa. A print directory of parent, associate and subsidiary companies.

Annual reports
NZX Company Research Annual reports of listed NZ companies, from 1998 - . Includes delisted companies.
Mergent Online Long runs of annual reports in pdf format, back as far as 25 years.
Other sources
  • Check the company website.
  • Print copies of annual reports for listed companies available in Business Information Centre.
  • Print copies of reports for SOEs, producer boards, regional councils, etc, available. Search name of organisation on the Library catalogue.
  • See Special Collections for microfiche copies of some listed company annual reports from 1980 - 1994.

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Financial information

Financial results, including those of multinationals operating in New Zealand, must be reported to the Companies Office. The legislation governing this is the Financial Reporting Act.

Company Statistical Review Service Covers 1968 - 1987.The financial data includes a consolidated balance sheet, often with 3 or 4 years data, and an analysis of accounts giving 3 to 10 yeras data. Later data includes ratios, share prices and P/E ratio, investment performance, and balance sheet summary.
Cost of Capital report From PriceWaterhouse Coopers, 'provides estimates for selected New Zealand companies of earnings multiples, equity betas and their Weighted Average Cost of Capital'.
Datastream (restricted access) Company accounts and time series equity data for listed companies.
Factiva Use Companies/Markets tab to find listed companies. Can view brief financial reports.
Financial Institutions Performance Survey Annual print publication from KPMG, provides financial data for banks, finance companies & savings institutions. Later copies also available online.
Mergent Online Includes listed and de-listed companies. Income statements, balance sheets, ratio analysis, annual reports.
New Zealand Gazette The Company Notices include appointment and release of receivers / managers / liquidators, removals, and applications for winding up companies. Print available from 1854 - .
NZX NZX stock exchange details for listed companies. Includes share prices back 2 weeks, recent highs and lows, dividends, graphs, company summary, trading summary, Directors and officers, and market announcements, and company news.
NZX Company Research Listed and de-listed NZ companies. Financials, announcements, annual reports, top shareholders, prices, forecasts, investment & financial profile, dividend history.
Osiris Detailed financial information on listed and de-listed NZ companies.
SDC Platinum (restricted access) Specialist database with information on new ventures and mergers & acquisitions.
Weekly Diary (NZX) 1976-2000 in print; later issues online through the i-Search database.
Financial data for private companies can be difficult to find. The best resources to use are:
Media reports Search news databases, in particular Newztext Plus and Factiva.
Companies Office Search on company name, view Annual Returns under Documents.
See also Financial Databases Guide

Share price information
Datastream (restricted access) Historic prices for NZ listed and de-listed companies, back to 1973.
Factiva Use Companies/Markets tab to find listed companies, then click Quotes for prices.
New Zealand Herald Daily high, low & close, P/E ratio, etc.
NZX Has current share price (30 minute delay).
NZX Company Research High, low and close back to 1990.
Osiris Stock data, stock valuation, monthly & weekly & daily pricing.

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New Zealand Management

See the print copy of the December issue for the top 200 NZ companies list. (Business Information Centre serials - ask at the BIC enquiry desk; General Library NZP 658.05 M267). View the online content for profiles of some of the companies. The companies include listed and unlisted, NZ subsidiaries of overseas companies, producer boards, co-operatives, etc.
The 2011 list and the 2012 list are available on Business Source Premier.

Financial Institutions Performance Survey Annual print publication from KPMG, provides financial data for banks, finance companies & savings institutions. Later copies also available online.
Survey of corporate environmental responsiveness: a survey of top NZ companies by turnover From Massey University. See under Research Programme.

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Journal articles

Not all articles will be in full-text. See Finding NZ Business Magazines and Newspapers for information on locating the full-text of articles.

ABI/Inform Includes some NZ journals, as well as articles in international journals about NZ companies.
Australia/New Zealand Reference Full text of articles in North & South, Metro, New Zealand Management, New Zealand Herald, and NZ Business.
Business Source Premier Includes some NZ journals, as well as articles in international journals about NZ companies.
Factiva Extensive source of business and industry news. Use the Company index for more relevant results.
National Business Review A searchable online version of the NBR. Provides full-text access to current content.
Newztext Plus Able to search a wide collection of NZ business news sources and magazines, including the Radio New Zealand news database, NZ Herald, and Index New Zealand(INNZ). Full text content.
Unlimited Indexed in both INNZ and Newzindex, but also worth searching the website directly.

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TNCs, MNEs, & Investment
World Investment Report See the Country Fact Sheets for FDI overviews plus a table of cross-border M&A purchases with total numbers given but no companies named.
New Zealand Asia Information Service A database of business information and engagement between NZ and Asia.
Dr Christina Stringer Articles on NZ firms entries into Asia and Latin America.
Foreign Direct Investment guide A comprehensive list of information sources for FDI.

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Mergers & acquisitions
SDC Platinum (restricted access) Global new issues and international mergers and acquisitions, including associated share prices, fees, announcements, type of deal, etc.
Commerce Commission The Commission grants clearances for acquisitions, and authorisations for acquisitions. The Clearances Register lists all applications for clearance and outcomes.
CAFCA (Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa) Listing of decisions by the Overseas Investment Office and the Overseas Investment Commission.
Overseas Investment Office

Search OIO decisions. Access statistical information for overseas investments.

New Zealand Gazette The Company Notices include appointment and release of receivers / managers / liquidators, removals, and applications for winding up companies. Print available from 1854 - .
Takeovers Panel Panel decisions from 2001.

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New Zealand business who's who

Available in print and online. NZBWW lists details from over 17,000 NZ companies and over 100,00 Directors. Covers all company sizes and all sorts of industries. The print edition includes a listing of subsidiaries and associated companies cross-referenced to parent companies.

Osiris Ownership data for public companies. Includes parent company, subsidiary information and shareholder data.
Who owns whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East & Africa Print directory of parent, associate and subsidiary companies.

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Executive compensation
NZX Company Research Annual reports can include remuneration information, and other corporate governance material.

Historical information
Business History Project Created by the University of Auckland, the project includes brief histories of ASB Bank, Barfoot & Thomson, DB Breweries, Levene, Fletcher Construction, Ports of Auckland, Winstones, and Fisher & Paykel.
Fletcher Challenge Archives  
An archival directory of business records held in the Auckland region. (1993)

Outlines official publications and institutional/commercial publications as sources of information. Lists records under broad industry categories.

Appendix to the journals of the House of Representatives of New Zealand. NZP 328.95 N56a Consult the Indexes at NZP 328.95 N56li. Headings to look under include Colonial industries; Industries and commerce; Coal; Mines; Iron. The AJHR has reports of government departments, Royal Commissions, and select committees. The introduction in An archival directory... (see above) notes some AJHR reports of particular significance.
New Zealand Gazette The Company Notices include appointment and release of receivers / managers / liquidators, removals, cessation of business, applications for winding up companies, partnership notices, and alteration of memorandum of association.. Print available from 1854 - .
The dictionary of New Zealand biography For information on founders of NZ companies.
Ville, S. (1993) A select bibliography of the business history of New Zealand. Lists articles, books and theses about companies and industries.
The following links are to catalogues of NZ archives and manuscripts. Search by company name as keyword to identify sources of information on a company. The full-text is not available online. You would need to submit a request through Interlibrary Loan for the item.
Hocken Library Archives & Manuscripts A catalogue for identifying archives, some which are about NZ companies. Full-text not available online.
TAPUHI From the Alexander Turnbull Library, a catalogue of manuscripts and archives. Search on company name. Full-text not available online.
The University of Auckland Manuscripts and Archives catalogue

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KPMG's Corporate and Indirect Tax Survey 2010 An annual publication from KPMG detailing current corporate tax rates, plus previous 5 years of rates.
OECD Tax Database 'Provides comparative information on a range of tax statistics'.
Paying taxes 2011: the global picture Produced by PricewaterhouseCoopers, this guide compares tax systems from 183 economies, and explores the impact upon business.

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Research & development
Compustat (restricted access) R&D expense by named company. Choose Global industrial / commercial. Data are annual from 1993 - . Highlight data from DATA52 (Research and Development Expense). Limited for NZ.
NZSTATS Lists other sources of R&D information for New Zealand.

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SMEs in NZ: Structure & Dynamics 2011 Statistical summary of SMEs in New Zealand. Published by Ministry of Economic Development.
Small and medium sized enterprises From the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment
SME Research Hub Provides a vehicle for people to share their policy-relevant research and analysis; connect with other researchers and policy analysts; and discuss their work and ideas on SMEs in New Zealand.
Small Business Development Group Provides a small business view on the development of policy related to SMEs. Reports to the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment.
The GNZB Survey A project by the University of Auckland Business School about the growth, innovation activities and challenges of New Zealand SMEs. There is a summary of the survey findings.

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Further research

Consult the following guides to information resources, produced by the Business & Economics Information Services team.

Case Studies Useful for for detailed information on finding case studies on NZ companies.
Competitive Intelligence Learn about and apply some of the research strategies outlined in the guide.
Datastream FAQs A getting started guide to using Datastream.
Doing business in NZ List of websites.
Energy Industry guide To locate information on electricity companies.
Finding NZ company information Flowchart highlighting key resources.
International company information Guide to finding international company information.
Legal resources for business in NZ  
NZ business information Part of the Business Information Skills Online tutorial.
New Zealand industry & product information  
NZSTATS: NZ statistics sources  

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