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ANZSIC Industry description code

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Further information and resources:

Introduction and Library SearchTop of page

New Zealand company information can be obtained from a variety of sources. Depending on the type of information required, it may be necessary to look in a number of resources.

Confidentiality or commercial sensitivity will be the most likely reasons for some information not being available.For small and most unlisted companies in New Zealand information is very limited, particularly financial information.

It may be useful to do a search in the Library Search to find company information in books. For example, books and journals on the telecommunications industry in New Zealand, use such subject headings as: telecommunication new zealand. Additional resources to check include databases which index journal Articles and more.You can often piece together information about a company by analysing information from journal and newspaper articles.

Industry news and articles Top of page

Journal and newspaper articles, and news sites will give current information. Often they may be the only free sources of industry or product information, particularly market share. 



Australia New Zealand Reference Centre Full text of articles in New Zealand national newspapers including the NZ Herald as well as NZ business magazines.
Factiva Indexes and has the full text of a number of NZ and international publications including newspapers and newswires. It is searchable by industry and has company profiles.
Finding New Zealand business magazines and newspapers Guide to finding New Zealand business magazines and newspapers. Also other news websites, eg. The New Zealand Herald, ONE Business News, and Scoop Business give up-to-date information about industries and products.
Newzindex Indexes most of the titles covered by Newztext Plus and additional titles but does not give the full text of articles. It does cover a number of trade magazines including 'Grocers review', 'FMCG' and 'Apparel'.
Newztext Plus

Major daily New Zealand newspapers, news feeds and selected New Zealand business magazines including the National Business Review and FMCG.

Proquest (Includes ABI/Inform), and Business Source Premier may find articles in international journals about New Zealand industries and find articles which give a global overview. To search for particular New Zealand industries on Business Source Premier use the Business Search Interface button on the Connect page. This enables you to find industry first and then add country

ScienceDirect and
Emerald Management Extra

Offer more specialised or 'academic' articles (for example articles on accidents in the New Zealand adventure tourism industry, and environmental management systems in the New Zealand plastics industry)


Industry reports and overviews   Top of page

Databases: Top of page

Source Details
BMI Research
Provides extensive economic, political, risk, financial market and business environment analysis data for countries. Over twenty industries are reported on including - petrochemicals, oil & gas, automotives, construction, defence & security, financial services, electronics, pharmaceuticals, retai, food & drink, and telecoms.
Cortellis Data on diseases and opportunities for drug development within indications, drug profiles and data on clinical trials at various stages, patent information, IP opportunities, organizations associated with key patents, company information and profiles, conference reports, and drug regulatory data.
MarketLine Advantage Provides access to company, industry, financial and country profiles and data including New Zealand.
Passport GMID

From Euromonitor, gives access to information and statistics on consumer lifestyles, consumer market sizes, companies and brands, major market profiles, country data and market analysis.

Use the Market Reports option to display a list of reports for New Zealand (type zealand in the search box, tick the market reports option, and click a dot in the title option). For example there are recent reports for New Zealand on softdrinks, cosmetics and toiletries, hot drinks, pet food, OTC healthcare, and alcoholic drinks

Kompass A global business directory contains information on company executives, brief financials, branches, localities, a list of products and services, and trade and brand names.
Market Information Digest  ACNielsen provides general trade and product category data for New Zealand. The information is mostly sourced from ACNielsen SCANTRACK. General trade information includes the retail trade by broad category (store numbers, house brands, retailer profiles, with some data for Australia)
New Zealand Television Audience Measurement Online Ratings Reports A numeric estimate of the television viewing audience collected from a representative sample of households' ... Nielsen Media Research Television Ratings reports

Internet sites: Top of page
Site Details
ANZ Industry briefs Australian industry reports and brief overviews of specific industries
CareersNZ New Zealand Government jobs database, that provides industry overview, jobs, qualifications and training needed in each sector
Innovation Index of New Zealand 2013 IBM NZ and the University of Auckland, is an inter-industry, multi-indicator study measuring the rate of innovation in NZ since 1998
Investment New Zealand (part of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise) has case studies and information on biotechnology, creative industries, information and communications technology, food and beverage, specialised manufacturing, and wood processing.
Market research library From the United States Commercial Service has industry sector reports for New Zealand for a variety of industries
Market New New Zealand Trade and Enterprise provide Industry overviews and reports under the Market Intelligence tab. Sectors covered are; Animals, Agriculture, Horticulture; Building Products; Consumer Products; Education & Training; Engineering; Export Houses & Trading Companies; Food & Beverage; Forestry & Wood Products; Health & Life Sciences; Marine; Multimedia, Publishing, Film, TV, Music; Plastic & Chemicals; Services; Software; Telecommunications & Electronics; Tourism and Wool, Leather, Clothing & Footwear. Success stories are also profiled
Medicines New Zealand An iindustry association representing companies engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription medicines. Provides reports on the pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals industry
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment MBIE was established on, 1 July 2012 and integrates the functions of four former agencies – the Department of Building and Housing, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Department of Labour and the Ministry of Science and Innovation,. The website is still being constructed. There is a New Zealand Government website briefly explaining Research, Science and Technology
Ministry of Tourism Includes an overview of the industry plus a wide variety of statistical data. Additional sites include the Tourism Industry Association
New Zealand Commerce Commission (CC) include fair trading, business competition, and regulated industries (airports, dairy, electricity, gas, telecommunications
New Zealand FoodWorks Industry news articles, links to industry associations, directory of food and beverage related companies, and retail grocery news
New Zealand Health IT An alliance of organisations interested in health information technology, comprising software and solution developers, consultants, health policy makers, health funders, infrastructure companies, healthcare providers, and Academic institutions, who have agreed to work collaboratively
New Zealand industries and regions

Published by NZIER (Print edition Call number: NZP 339.395 Q1a, General Library, Level G). Sectors are reviewed in terms of past trends, current issues and future prospects and risks.

Sectors included are: agriculture, fishing, forestry and logging, textiles and apparel manufacturing, mining and quarrying, food, beverages and tobacco, wood and wood products, pulp and paper products, chemicals, non-metallic minerals, basic metals, machinery and other manufacturing, electricity, gas and water, construction, trade and accommodation, transport and storage, communications, finance, property and business services, central and local government services, and health and education services

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research NZIER provides economic reports on: Competition and market regulation, Economic performance, Health, education and social policy, Infrastructure and transport, Natural resources and agriculture, Policy and evaluation, Trade 
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise NZTE main site includes overviews of development by sector, which include, agritech and life science; biotechnology; creative industries; ICT; food and beverage; wood, building and interiors; niche manufacturing; education; services; Maori enterprise and industry capability networks.
Personal Care Products Council (formerly the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association) includes information and statistics on the industry in New Zealand. Membership is required to access some information
Technological innovation in New Zealand Historical profiles of New Zealand industries including the Dairy industry, Jet boats, Think Big, Electric fencing, Electricity transmission, Iron sands to steel and Forestry

Company information   Top of page

Check the New Zealand Company information page to find information on New Zealand companies, which includes links to such resources as:

Database Details
a'Courts New Zealand product and industry director is a database of over 50,000 brand names, classsified in over 40,000 product categories. Also searchable by trade category and company name. Non-subscribers will be able to access detail (bold) listings.
Kompass An online global business directory, containing information on a company's executives, brief financials, branches, localities, list of products and services, and trade and brand names

Associations and Industry Training Organisations   Top of page
Source Details
Industry training organisations New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)
Industry training organisations Tertiary Education Commission's list
Business, industry and professional associations A list from Christchurch City Libraries 

ANZSIC industr classification code  Top of page

Industry classifications are used 'for the collection, compilation and publication of statistics relating to industry, and businesses are assigned to an industry according to their predominant economic activity

Codes Details
Australian and New Zealand standard industrial classification code (ANZSIC),

Used for New Zealand industry classifications.

ANZSIC Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ BUSa, (1993 - 2006)

Business activity statistics Print copies are shelved in the General Library at S2/NZ BUSa, 1991 to 2000
Business deomography tables Statistics New Zealand provide for industry and demograhic data by ANZSIC code
Standard industrial classification, 1987.

Prior to 1993 industries were classified according to the 1987 edition (Print copies are shelved in the General Library at S2/NZ CLAi 1987).

There is no publicly available information which lists companies by their ANZSIC codes.


Statistics Top of page
Some information is not publicly available either because it is commercially sensitive or, in the case of statistics, because of the confidentiality guaranteed to businesses under the Statistics Act, 1975.
For statistical information browse by subject on the NZSTATS - New Zealand Statistics Sources Database
Much in-depth statistical information is only available as tables from Statistics New Zealand, for which there may be a charge. For an overview of the type of data available, and access to a variety of statistics see: New Zealand business demographic statistics 1997 to 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - 2012.

Statistics New Zealand’s Business Toolbox provides quick and easy access to industry, markets and customer information. The Market Mapper tool can be used to find target markets and potential customers, while the Industry Profiler provides a small business industry profile with information about the number of businesses by region, average employee earnings, and total jobs filled in the industry.

Economic survey of manufacturing, Statistics New Zealand economic indicators of how the manufacturing sector is faring in general economic conditions

The New Zealand official year-book (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ STAy) and digital versions is always a good place to begin to look for information. Included are chapters on manufacturing, forestry and fishing, overseas trade, and agriculture. Chapters include comment and some statistical information

Census of population and dwellings results (2006, 2001, 1996) (Print copies in the General Library, Mezzanine Level are shelved at S2/NZ CEN) can be helpful in that they list the numbers of people employed in industry groups. With recent census results the printed information tends to be only given for the highest SIC level. 

Statistics New Zealand data is available in tabular form from the Infoshare and the New Zealand Time Series databases.

See also Structural and demographic business statistics. This data is available online for the University of Auckland community through OECD iLibrary . For data on bilateral trade by industry from 1988, see the Bilateral Trade Database for industrial analysis in OECD iLibrary. OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard, and OECD Science, Technology and Industry Outlook although patchy for New Zealand, does include data on Research and Development by industry, data on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, labour productivity growth by industry, value added by industry sector.

New Zealand television audience RatingsPoint database is 'a numeric estimate of the television viewing audience collected from a representative sample of households ... Nielsen Media Research Television Ratings represent the industry currency for television audience measurement in New Zealand with a fully national PeopleMeter panel of 500 households'

  Historical statistics Top of page

The older the data the more detail is available in print form. Statistics in print form are shelved in the Statistics Collection on Level M. General guides to consult for information sources for historical studies include:

Guide to New Zealand official statistics (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ A1g 1955)  and  Catalogue of New Zealand statistics (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ A1c).
Digital New Zealand Official Yearbook Collection from 1893 -

‘Factory production statistics were collected in New Zealand from 1867 to 1916 in conjunction with the census in the years 1867,1871, 1874, 1878, and 1881, and quinquennially thereafter. Commencing in 1918-1919 the collection became an annual one. In 1921-22 the results were published for the first time in a separate statistical report and similar publications have been issued annually...with the exception...when one volume covered two production years’ Baker, J.V.T. Government Statistician. ‘Preface‘ New Zealand statistics: Industrial production. 1956.

These statistics are found in:

Statistical report on the industrial manufactures of the Dominion of New Zealand for the year ... (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ IND) 1921/22 to 1961/62 under slight variations in title. Continued by:
New Zealand industrial production. (Print copies in the General Library shelved at: S2/NZ IND) 1962/63 to 1973/74. Continued by:
Census of manufacturing. (Print copies in the General Library shelved at: S2/ IND). The volume for 1976/77 also covers the years 1974/75 and 1975/76. Merged with: Annual census of gas, to form:Economy wide census.

Manufacturing. (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ IND) 1976/77 to1987. The data is not as detailed as in the previous publications. Although the ‘Introduction’ states ‘The Economy Wide Census will not be repeated until the 1991-92 financial year’, this 1987 census in fact seems to be the last published of any detail. 

Other important sources of data are:

Statistics of the Colony of New Zealand. (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ STAs) 1853-1907. Continued as
Statistics of the Dominion of New Zealand. (Print copies in the General Library shelved at: S2/NZ STAs) 1907-1920
Import, export, production data plus quite detailed listings of factory type by Provincial District and numbers employed.

Monthly abstract of statistics (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ STAm). 1914-1989. This changed its title to Key Statistics in 1990 to 2006, when the data is available in tabular form from the Infoshare database. Up to 1987, production statistics are given, for example, for such items as; biscuits, ice cream, canned and bottled products (jam, fruit,etc), soap, lawnmowers, refrigerators, washing machines, radios, television sets, motor vehicles and plastic products. In addition each issue contains various Appendices on a variety of topics. One topic regularly covered is the racing and greyhound industry. To find which issue of the Monthly abstract this data is in look at the back of each issue to the section titled ‘Appendices’.

Bloomfield, G. T. New Zealand, a handbook of historical statistics. 1984. (Print copies in the General Library, Mezzanine Level, shelved at S2/NZ STAh). As well as giving selected tabular data, Bloomfield also lists other printed sources for information. He also gives an introductory overview for each topic, pointing out inconsistencies and omissions in data. Broad topics covered are agriculture, forest and fisheries, minerals and energy, manufacturing, distribution and construction.

Trade  Top of page
Database Details
Business toolbox Statistics New Zealand toolkit for small business for profiling, mapping and benchmarking New Zealand industry
Comtrade United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database, is the largest depository of international trade data.
Export intelligence reports New Zealand Trade and Enterprise website
Imports and exports

Statistics New Zealand page, under Exports and imports tables there is data for trade by country of origin/destination by commodity, and for cargo by NZ port by country by commodity. The commodities are at the 2 digit HS level.

Key statistics (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ STAm) includes imports/export data to 2010) see also Infoshare

Infoshare Detailed commodity trade data is available from Statistics New Zealand's database
International Trade Center (ITC) Includes data for New Zealand. 
New Zealand Time Series Provides data for; National Accounts, Balance of Payments, Overseas Trade, Government Finance, Financial Markets, Prices, Demography, Labour Market, Building and Construction, Production and Distribution and Transport and Tourism
OCED iLibrary OECD data under 17 thematic collections - economics, development, governance, finance and investment, taxation, education, social issues/migration/health, employment, environment, agriculture and food, science and technology, industry and services, trade, transport, energy, and nuclear energy
OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard includes trade data by broad industry group
Structural statistics for industry and services  (previously Industrial structure statistics) has data on exports by industrial sector.
Trade data Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website
WTO statistical database Annual time series data from 1980 onwards of bilateral flows by broad commodity plus a country snapshot of exports and imports

Trade Codes  Top of page

The New Zealand harmonised system classification is used to classify commodities (Print copies in the General Library shelved at S2/NZ CLAth 2002).  
See also, the United Nations for the Standard Industrial Classification Codes SITC codes. 

Market share Top of page

Market share data is often difficult to find because of commercial confidentiality. Databases worth searching include:

Database Details
Passport GMID [University of Auckland enrolled students & teaching staff access] from Euromonitor gives access to information and statistics on consumer market sizes, brands, major market profiles, and market analysis. Under Market Reports, call up reports by country. For example there are recent reports for New Zealand on softdrinks, cosmetics and toiletries, hot drinks, pet food, OTC healthcare, and wine
Market Information Digest [University of Auckland enrolled students & teaching staff access] from ACNielsen provides general trade and product category data for New Zealand. The information is mostly sourced from ACNielsen SCANTRACK. General trade information includes the retail trade by broad category (store numbers, house brands, retailer profiles, with some data for Australia), and supermarket category trends. Product category information includes sales, segment of market, broad location of the market and the ranking of major brands
Newzindex indexes a number of trade magazines including, FMCG and Apparel. It is a useful database for locating articles with market share information on products such as energy drinks, snack foods and grocery items. The database can also be searched as part of NewzText Plus
Market insight reports ACNielsen have a number of market reports, including Consumer trends, Media trends and Grocery trends.

Patents, standards, trademarks  Top of page

New Zealand Standards online and also international standards are available through IHS service

IPONZ (Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand) has a patents search, a trademark search and a design search.

Standards New Zealand provides a listing to New Zealand Standards 

Plant variety rights office Intellictual Property Office of New Zealand information on the rights to produce for sale and sell propagating plant materials

Intellectual property rights list from the New Zealand Customs Service has copyright and trade mark speed lists and intellectual property rights notices.

Links to statistics on Patents and trade marks

For additional information see: Patents and standards from the Engineering Library at the University of Auckland. 

Doing business in New Zealand Top of page

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, Doing business with New Zealand 

Ministry of Economic Development, business law

Bell Gully (pdf file) Doing business in New Zealand

Chapman Tripp doing business in New Zealand

Doing business in ... from the institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales

UK Trade and Investment 

US Commercial Service

Market access database Select relevant tabs to find New Zealand information

New Zealand Customs Service 

Working tariff document of New Zealand on the New Zealand Customs Service website

Exporting and importing Top of page

To export from New Zealand see the following sites for information:

Starting to export guides from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE)

Exporting guidelines from, the New Zealand government business website

Overseas market access requirements: wine 'The most significant OMARs for New Zealand wine exporters are those imposed by European Union'

New Zealand export and trade handbook  (Library record)

For opportunities for New Zealand industries and businesses internationally see also country studies.

To import into New Zealand see Importing from, the New Zealand government business website.


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