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Use Library Search, the Library catalogue to find books and journals held in the University of Auckland library system. The following are some suggested reference sources.

Databases, Journals, Newsletters   Top of page

Selected databases 

Searching for articles in journals and newspapers can be carried out in Library Search : Articles and More, using the suggested headings listed above. The following databases are also suggested starting points for finding information. 

  • ABI/Inform  
    International in coverage. A mixture of scholarly and trade publications. See also the ABI Inform trade and industry database or search both databases via Proquest.
    APEC Energy Database   Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation energy database for countries' oil, gas and CO2 emissions
    Business Monitor Online
    covers the oil and gas industry mostly in emerging and transition markets. Included are quarterly forecasts for consumption and production.
    Business Source Premier
    International in coverage. A mixture of scholarly and trade publications. This database has DataMonitor Industry profiles and Plunketts Energy industry almanac. BSP can be searched along with EconLit via the EBSCOhost database.
    CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online 
    This full-text database specialises in theory and current research in international affairs. It includes working papers from think tanks, conference papers, and some e-books.
    Map and country data are drawn from the Economist Intelligence Unit
    Includes electrical and energy engineering focusing on scientific and technological literature.
    Conference papers index
    Citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world plus links to web resources. 1982 onwards.
    JEL classification : Q4 Energy; Q400 general; Q410 demand and supply; Q420 alternative energy sources; Q430 energy and macroeconomy; Q480  government policy; Q490 other
    Energy and Power Source
    Indexing and extensive full-text coverage from over 1,000 publications relating to the energy and power industries- petroleum, natural gas, electric power, coal, nuclear power, and renewable energy.
    Energy citations database
    Free public access database. 'Includes citations to reports, conference papers, journal articles, books, dissertations, and patents for energy and energy-related information from the [US] Department of Energy (DOE) and its predecessor agencies, the Energy Research & Development Administration (ERDA) and the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC).'
    Under the Companies/Market tab, the Company Quick Search gives a brief business description, list of key competitors, latest news/press releases/trade articles, plus in some cases a company history -
    Gateway to US Federal Services
    Free access to United States select Energy and Energy Conservation OSTI's (Office of Scientific and Technical Information) portal to US Federal research projects.
    Passport GMID
    Market profile reports on fossil fuel and nuclear power generation, statistics on energy reserves, production and consumption, consumer expenditure on electricity, gas and other fuels
    Global Renewable Energy Policies and Measures Database, developed by the International Energy Agency (IEA), the European Commission and the Johannesburg Renewable Energy Coalition, will offer renewable energy market and policy information for over 100 countries in one comprehensive format
    INNZ: Index New Zealand
    There are no full text articles in this database, but in most cases the Library will have the full text of the article either on another online database or in a print journal. To find out this, copy the title of the journal or newspaper the article is in (not the article title) and then do a serial title search in Library Search. INNZ is worth searching to ensure a good coverage of the New Zealand scene.
    New Zealand Time Series.  
    Petroleum / diesel production / stocks / deliveries, gas production, geothermal energy, coal.
    Newzindex and NZ science (Superindex)
    indexes New Zealand business and trade magazines and publications from CRIs and the Royal Society of New Zealand.
    Newztext Plus
    This database has the full text of the National Business Review, the Independent,  the full text of daily newspapers including the Herald, plus the option to include the Newzindex database in a search (note that this does not include the NZ Science database). Because of copyright some Herald articles will only be on Factiva : a database covering the latest world business, industry and company news
    has full text publications as pdf files. Included are Energy policies of IEA countries, World energy outlook, CO2 emissions from fuel combustion, Natural gas information, Nuclear energy data, Oil information, Energy balances of OECD and non OECD countries, Coal information, Electricity information, Renewables information.
    Science Direct
    As well as being a searchable database, additional features include an Energy subject area plus a list of energy related journals on the database. Covers academic publications.
    TNS industry sector reports
    New Zealand industries including the energy sector
    UNdata United Nations Common Database
    Annual time series data, some series from 1980 onwards. Energy consumption and apparent consumption, energy exports, energy imports, energy stock changes, energy production by type.
    Wiley Online Library - journals 
    Full text journal coverage from 1997 onwards. Includes the journal Wind energy.
    World Bank eLibrary
    World Bank publications on many countries and topics including Enegry
    World development indicators
    Annual time series data from the World Bank. There is an Energy production and use component. Most of the data is originally sourced from the IEA
Journals   Top of page

Annual statistical bulletin Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Companies (OPEC)

Australian energy statisticsAustralian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE )

Commodity price data (pink sheets) World Bank (WB) Petroleum prices.

Deloitte survey of oil and gas professionals 2009  Deloittes forum commenting on complex energy challenges

Earth trends World Resources Institute (WRI)

Energy Information Administration Energy Information Administration (EIA)

Energy statistics UK Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR)

Energy21news (Centre for Advanced Engineering) CAE's news on distributed generation of electricity

Energywise for energy conservation and renewable energy in New Zealand

Ernst and Young renewable energy country attractiveness index. Greendex Survey to measure and monitor consumer behaviors that have an impact on the environment InfoComm: Market information in the commodities area (UNCTAD). Links to sites with commodity prices and futures data.

Grid from Transpower New Zealand

Institute of Energy Economics Japan Domestic and international data

International Energy Outlook Energy Information Administration (EIA)

International Petroleum Monthly Energy Information Administration (EIA)

International Journal of Energy Sector Management from Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Energy, Utilities and Mining Industries publications from PriceWaterhouseCoopers New Zealand

Petroleum Association of Japan  many countries but emphasis on Japan. Excel files.

Statistical Review of World Energy (BP)  (2013) Downloadable Excel or pdf files

World Nuclear power reactors and uranium requirement  World Nuclear Association (WNA)

Newsletters  Top of page

International Energy Agency, IEA Statistics  and IEA Oil Market Report

Petroleum navigator Energy Information Administration (EIA)

United Nations energy statistics newsletter 'recent workshops, publications, technical cooperation activities, as well as short reviews on topical issues... the Market Brief will give ... an overview and brief insight of trends of specific markets'

World News Network: Energy has the latest news from different sectors

Theses  Top of page

Use the Theses and Dissertations search page to locate theses on energy. When you have located a specific thesis, Note that if the thesis is not in electronic form, each thesis needs to be booked, or if there is a second copy in the Off Campus Storage it can be ordered using the Intercampus document delivery service.

There are links to theses and dissertations from other universisties including ProQuest Theses & Dissertations [Digital Dissertations] (1861- )

Energy companies   Top of page

New Zealand  |  Company financial information 

New Zealand 

Industry companies list from Electricity Networks Association (ENA)

Energy Trusts of New Zealand (ETNZ) is the national organisation for 22 energy trusts, the majority of whom own shares in companies that operate electricity  networks

SOE disclosures (State-owned enterprises and Television New Zealand Ltd) from Crown Ownership Monitoring Unit (COMU)

NZ Electricity Industry Links - Power systems group.  Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Canterbury.

Company financial information  

Datastream  has time series equity data and company financials for listed companies

Electricity information disclosure statistics (New Zealand. Ministry for Economic Development).1998 to 2003. 1996-1997 in print format shelved at S2/NZ ELYi. This data is now collected by the Commerce Commission.

Electricity Line Business and Gas Pipeline Business Information Disclosure Compendium from PriceWaterhouseCoopers 'summarises the ... disclosure information of New Zealand's electricity line and gas pipeline businesses, as published in the New Zealand Gazettes.' Began with 2000. 

Factiva.  Under the Companies/Market tab, the Company Quick Search gives a brief business description, list of key competitors, latest news/press releases/trade articles, plus in some cases a company history.

Mergent online has time series financial data downloadable as .xls table for listed companies

NZX Annual Reports.Online full text access to the annual reports of New Zealand domiciled companies and Australian listed companies

NZX Deep archive has data for both New Zealand listed companies (NZX) and Australian listed companies (ASX) from 1998 onwards. The research includes an analysis update, recommendation, business profile, financial profile, company news, 30 day prices, 12 month and 5 year charts.

Energy organisations Top of page

New Zealand  |  Other countries  |  University Research Centres 

New Zealand .

Alphabetical listing of selected New Zealand energy organisations  

Bioenergy Association of New Zealand 

Centre for Advanced Engineering 

Commerce Commission Electricity including the Electricity Industry Reform Act and Electricity Lines businesses 

CRL Energy Limited is an energy, minerals, and environmental research and consulting company

Crown Minerals (Ministry of Economic Development)

Electricity Authority The Electricity Authority is an independent Crown entity responsible for the efficient operation of the New Zealand electricity market. Formerly known as the Electricity Commission.

Electric Power Optimization Centre University of Auckland

Electricity Networks Association 'represents the interests of the organisations that distribute electricity to consumers throughout New Zealand, the country’s 24 electricity lines companies'

Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) - the government agency that works to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand's homes and businesses, and encourage the uptake of renewable energy.

Business NZ Energy Council - formerly known as the Energy Federation of New Zealand, the BusinessNZ Energy Council is a group of New Zealand organisations taking on a leading role in creating a sustainable energy future for New Zealand.

Energy Link  weekly market review of New Zealand's electricity market

Energy Management Association of New Zealand

Energy Trusts of New Zealand  'incorporated society of energy trusts, the majority of which hold shares in companies that operate Electricity Networks (Lines Businesses).'

Gas Association of New Zealand 

Industry Capability Network  project opportunities in the Genesis Energy – Huntly e3p CCGT Power Project

Industry players listings from the Energy Library, Wellington. Includes consultants, research agencies, policy and regulation.

National Centre for Climate-Energy Solutions National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)

New Zealand Geothermal Association 

New Zealand's electrical industry  Meridian Energy reports on the electrical industry in New Zealand

New Zealand Ministry of Economic Development Energy data file and Energy and resources Electricity, gas, oil and petroleum, international energy relations, renewable energy submissions Chronology of New Zealand Electricity Reform

New Zealand Ministry for the Environment Energy

New Zealand Power Companies list of power companies from SwitchMe

New Zealand Wind Energy Association

Petroleum Exploration & Production Association of New Zealand

Sustainable Energy Forum

Other country energy organisations  Top of page

APERC Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre 

ASTAE: Asia Alternative Energy Program from the World Bank

Australia Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources Resources and energy includes discussion papers, reports and information on energy market reform

Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE). Browse for  Energy and minerals publications by topic.

Australian Institute of Energy  facts and figures (under Services)

Australian Institute of Petroleum includes pricing data and  industry information.

Bioenergy NoE 'is a pan-European group of eight leading bioenergy institutes... integrating our activities to achieve new synergies in research to build a Virtual Bioenergy R&D Centre that will spearhead the development of a competitive bioenergy market in Europe.' 

Energy Research European Commission

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands includes policy studies, energy efficiency in industry, solar and wind energy, clean fossil fuels, biomass, fuel cell technology, renewable energy in the built environment.

Institute of Energy Economics, Japan  

International Energy Agency 

Leonardo Energy 'Leonardo ENERGY is a network providing qualified information on sustainable electrical energy...The primary focus ... is energy conservation, quality of supply, safety & comfort.'

National Electricity Market Management Company (NEMMCO)  includes statistical data, links to relevant governmental and regulatory bodies, links to market participants, links to international market operators (listed by country), plus a weekly market review bulletin

Oxford Institute for Energy Studies United Kingdom

Renewable Energy Policy Project   United States

Tyndall Centre for climate change research

United States Department of Energy and their Energy efficiency and renewable energy portal

United States Energy Industry Association (EIA) reports on performance profiles of major energy producers.

World Energy Council is a global multi-energy organisation with representation from over 90 countries. 'The 80-year-old organisation covers all types of energy, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, and renewables, and is UN-accredited, non-governmental, non-commercial and non-aligned.'

University Research Centres  Top of page

Energy Centre University of Auckland

Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research  4CMR [UK]

Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research MIT

Centre for Energy Policy and Economics  Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology

Energy Group Princeton

ESRU (Energy Systems Research Unit) University of Strathclyde

Harvard Electricity Policy Group 

Laboratory for Energy and the Environment MIT

UCEI University of California Energy Institute

Energy statistics 

Online and Print resources: Statistical data

Data is available in print from the Statistics Collection located on the Mezzanine floor of the General Library.

Call numbers S1/UN ENE for international data, for example S1/UN ENE Energy statistics yearbook / United Nations.
and S2/NZ ENE for New Zealand data.

Ceck in OFFSTATS database for international statistics where you can browse under subjects, country or region for information
and also check in the NZStats database for NZ material where you can browse under subjects eg energy, oil, petroleum

Wind power   

Wind power sites

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