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The Library is redeveloping its website in 2011

The Library and Information Commons websites have remained largely unchanged for several years and it is time to review their visual style and information architecture. Stage 1 of the Library web project is due for release in mid-February. It will include: a redesigned home page, new navigation across all pages and a revised banner.

Since many students are regular users of both services, the Information Commons website will also be integrated into the new Library website, and the most popular IC links will feature prominently on the new home page.

Project work during 2010 has involved an environmental scan, focus group discussions, and reviews of site content, resulting in a web strategy focussed on understanding our key site audiences and enabling them to access the quality resources and services they need as quickly and simply as possible. The Library?s Digital Services team is currently working on the site design (an early wireframe is linked below) and the Library is also undertaking extensive content redevelopment. You will have an opportunity to have your say through a web-based usability process in January. We will provide more updates in the new year.

The wireframe key features: prioritising search and discovery; providing top level access to patron accounts; and improving promotion of new and existing resources and collections.

Web wireframe thumb

Announcing Library Search ? a new way to discover library resources

Library Search combines results from the traditional Library catalogue with over a hundred million articles from our subscribed databases. Not all our electronic resources are accessible via Library Search but we believe the new functionality is so significant we've made the decision to go live as "early adopters".

Voyager will remain accessible as a separate link on the Library website.

Course Readings and Exam Papers, which are only accessible to members of the University, are searchable in a separate Library Search database; this includes access by course code and paper name.

Please help us improve our next generation Library Search system by giving your feedback using the Feedback link on the right-hand side of your search results page.

Library Search

Endnote X4 is now available
22 December 2010

Endnote X4 is now available for installation by download via the Endnote Library pages. There is no cost for the download.

Endnote version X4 is the only version of Endnote compatible with Word 2010 (32 bit). If you are considering moving to Word 2010 you will need to upgrade to this latest version of Endnote to ensure continued access to your Endnote library. Endnote X4 also provides access to new features and increased functionality including the ability to import some PDF files, search PDFs, Quick Edit and more options for footnote output styles.

You can already access Endnote X4 from PCs at the Information Commons. Endnote X4 will be installed on Library computers prior to the beginning of Semester One.

Important New Datasets Update:
01 December 2010

  • Archives Unbound
    An online series of historical document collections on a wide range of topics, published by Gale Cengage. Seven collections have been licensed by the Library so far: The Chinese Civil War and U.S.-China relations, 1945-1955; The economy and war in the Third Reich, 1933-1944; The federal response to radicalism in the 1960s; Feminism in Cuba, 1898-1958; Intelligence reports from the National Security Council's Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975; The Intergovernmental Committee on Refugees : the West's response to Jewish emigration; Women's issues and their advocacy within the White House, 1974-1977.
  • Comprehensive Toxicology
    A searchable online version of the 2nd edition of Comprehensive Toxicology, published in 14 volumes in 2010.
  • Handbook of Porphyrin Science
    A PDF version of a 15 volume handbook edited by Karl M. Kadish, Kevin M. Smith, and Roger Guilard, and published by World Scientific in 2010. Volumes 1-10 are available to date.
  • HarpWeek
    A facsimile edition of Harper's Weekly from Alexander Street Press, currently providing searchable access to every issue of the publication from January 1858 through December 1912.
  • Hart Publishing E-Book Collection
    A searchable collection of over 500 academic law books from Hart Publishing in the UK. The books will be individually recorded in and linked from the catalogue.
  • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies E-Book Collection enhanced
    Over 100 additional titles have been licensed for the ISEAS e-book collection first acquired in April 2010. The collection includes the periodical Southeast Asian Affairs, 1980-2009.
  • Literary Research Guide
    A selective annotated guide to reference sources on English literature and related topics, published by the MLA. It describes and evaluates publications such as general histories and surveys, chronologies, bibliographies and abstracts, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and handbooks.
  • London Low Life
    A searchable collection of ephemera, maps and books relating to London in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The ephemeral source materials include chapbooks, pamphlets, tracts, ballads, cartoons, advertisements and street cries, and are supplemented by scholarly essays, an image gallery, and other tools.
  • People?s Medical Publishing House E-Book Collection
    A searchable collection of 60 medical books published by PMPH in the United States.
  • Underground and Independent Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels
    A searchable online database from Alexander Street Press focusing on North American and European adult comic books and graphic novels from the 1960s to date.
  • Victorian Popular Culture enhancement
    The third segment, Music Hall, Theatre, and Popular Entertainment, has now been released, completing the VPC collection. Sourced from archives in Britain and the United States, material has been selected for its rarity. Subjects include vaudeville, pantomime, variety shows, pleasure gardens, spectacles such as firework displays, magic lantern shows and dioramas.


Important New Datasets Update:
02 November 2010

Library Workshops in November
01 November 2010

Wish you had that article earlier, but somehow could not find it?

Use your free time at the end of Semester 2 wisely and learn practical skills for searching databases, e-books, Google Scholar, as well as creating your personal EndNote library.


General Library Extended Opening Hours
04 October 2010

The General Library will open for extended hours during the last five weeks of Semester Two.

For the period Monday 11 October - Sunday 14 November 2010 the hours will be:

  • Monday to Friday 8.00am to 10.00pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 10.00pm
  • Please refer to Library Hours for the other University of Auckland libraries and Information Commons.

    Important New Datasets Update:
    04 October 2010

    • China Academic Journals
      The Library?s licence has been enhanced to provide full-text access to STM content from 1994. Users now have access to all 10 CAJ series.
    • Comprehensive Composite Materials
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the ScienceDirect platform covering all aspects of composites, from theory to practical applications.
    • Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering
      An online reference work on the ScienceDirect platform covering a wide range of topics relating to membrane science and technology.
    • Digital National Security Archive
      The Library?s DNSA license has been extended to cover all units released to the end of 2010. New collections include Peru, Human Rights and Democracy 1970-2000, Kissinger?s Telephone Conversations 1969-1977, National Security Agency Organization and Operations 1945-2009, the U.S. Intelligence Community after 9/11.
    • Encyclopedia of Forensic and Legal medicine
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the ScienceDirect platform with a broad focus on the interaction between medicine and law.
    • Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the ScienceDirect platform covering many aspects of forest science: including the relevant biology and ecology, different types of forestry (e.g. tropical forestry and dryland forestry), scientific names of trees and shrubs, the applied, economic, and social aspects of forest management, recent advances in forest science techniques.
    • Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace & Conflict
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the ScienceDirect platform, taking a broad multi-disciplinary approach to antagonism and reconciliation in public and personal contexts. It offers over 200 authoritative articles on topics as diverse as weapons production and arms control, conflict resolution, peace movements, child abuse, terrorism and political assassination.
    • Foreign Office Files China, 1949-1980
      Part 3, the final segment covering 1967-1980, has now been released. The Library’s licence provides full access to all parts of this collection.
    • International Encyclopedia of Education
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the ScienceDirect platform covering all aspects of education.
    • Lyell Collection
      A searchable online collection of journals and book series published by the Geological Society.
    • Palgrave Connect
      Palgrave Connect is a searchable online collection of scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences published by Palgrave Macmillan. The Library has added further collections on History, Language & Linguistics and Social & Cultural Studies
    • Red Book Online
      A searchable online version of the Red Book, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases, providing the latest findings and clinical guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of more than 200 common childhood conditions.
    • State Papers Online
      Part III was released, covering domestic papers for the period 1603-1714. The Library?s licence covers all SPO content released to date.
    • Rock?s Backpages
      A searchable full-text access to over 13,000 magazine articles on rock music, plus audio interviews with artists and other material.

    New Library Workshops in October
    01 October 2010

    Come along to a Library workshop and find what you need for your assignments and research.
    Book your place here and join us!


    Articles Plus is here!
    13 September 2010

    Articles Plus is a new multi-disciplinary index and a convenient way to begin a literature search on a topic. It is faster than other multi-database searches because all records are pre-indexed for simultaneous searching. Article Plus also includes full text from many of the Library’s e-resource subscriptions. The Library is trialling this service for the rest of 2010. Go to Multi-database Search at Databases & Articles - University of Auckland Library and try it out.

    Important New Datasets Update:
    01 September 2010

    • Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina
      The Library has now licensed the online version of BTL, the electronic version of Bibliotheca scriptorum Romanorum Teubneriana.
    • Handbook of Combustion
      A searchable online reference work on the Wiley platform, providing in-depth coverage of the fundamentals of gas, liquid, and solid combustion, emerging technologies, and combustion diagnostics and safety.
    • Nanotechnology
      A searchable online version of a major handbook published in 9 volumes by Wiley-VCH in 2009. It provides a comprehensive overview of nanotechnology and nanoscience using a cross-disciplinary approach.
    • Oxford Bibliographies Online
      An online bibliographic tool from Oxford University Press, designed to help students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences find reliable information sources quickly. The Library’s licence has been enhanced, giving users access to five OBO modules: Atlantic History, Classics, Criminology, Renaissance & Reformation, Philosophy.
    • Thesaurus Linguae Latinae
      Users now have full online access to the Latin dictionary TLL.

    Library Workshops in September
    01 September 2010

    Wrestling with assignment deadlines? We can help you find information you need.
    Book your place here and join us!


    New Zealand Post Book Awards 2010
    20 August 2010

    The finalists for the NZ Post Book Awards are on display in the General Library, Level G. Find out more about the awards and the 2010 winners on our library blog.


    Referencite is currently available on-campus only.

    There have been problems with the server originally hosting Referencite. Files have been re-created on another server but the content is displaying some additional characters, for example: a character is appearing before the symbol and ? characters are appearing instead of dashes. Work is continuing to make the site editable and available off-campus.

    Library Workshops in August
    9 August 2010

    Not sure where to start? Attend Library workshops and find quality readings for your studies and research in no time...

    Zome Design and Build Competition 2010
    4 August 2010

    The 4th annual Fletcher Construction Design and Build Competition, a collaborative effort between the Engineering Library with its Creativity Centre, the Faculty of Engineering and Fletcher Construction, challenged the engineering students to see what they could make with a set number of plastic Zome sticks and balls and collaborative brain power in a limited time, using their engineering design skills. Entry was limited to 20 teams and was sponsored by Fletcher Construction with $1000 in cash prizes.

    Supreme winner and winners in the Nature category were Tan Chun Ming, Chan Chin Yaw and Asaph Ooi Wei Em for SABRE TOOTH TIGER; Yin Pok Lao, Tom Wang and Yida Zou for PIRATE SHIP in the Machine category and Tim Burrows, Sean Caetano and Raymond Rott for BUZZ LIGHT YEAR in the OBJECT category. Models MANTODEA, SPIDER ATTACK, SEXY CRAB, MONKEY and ROLLER COASTER were highly commended.

    Sabre Tooth Tiger
    Supreme and Nature Category winners: sabre tooth tiger

    Pirate Ship
    Machine Category winners: pirate ship

    Buzz Light Year
    Object Category winners : buzz light year

    The Zome competition models are currently on display in the Engineering Library.

    Wiley e-Resources
    2 August 2010

    All journals, books and databases on the Wiley InterScience platform will be unavailable on Sunday 8 August due to an outage required by the vendor. Access to these resources should resume on Monday 9 August. We apologise for any inconvenience.


    Important New Datasets Update:
    31 July 2010

    The Library on your Mobile
    14 July 2010UoA Library Mobile App - iPhone Screenshot

    A Library Mobile application is now available for all Internet-enabled phones. With the free app you can search the Catalogue, renew or recall books, and more.

    Get the application and more information >.

    Audiovisual Library New Location
    14 July 2010

    The Audiovisual Library is now located at 24 Symonds Street, Ground Floor.

    Incredible Science
    5 July 2010

    Fact or fiction?

    Much of the science we accept today was considered wacky by our grandparents, yet many science facts and inventions were predicted by writers of yesteryear.

    Come to the library basement to find out how close their predictions were.


    Important New Datasets Update:
    29 June 2010

    • Art & Architecture Complete
      An indexing and abstracting service on the EbscoHost platform covering over 700 periodicals, with full-text of more than 300 journals and magazines and 200 books.
    • ASME Conference Proceedings Archive
      Online access to the ASME Conference Proceedings, published 2002-2007 by the American Society for Mechanical Engineers.
    • British Pharmacopoeia
      A searchable online version of BP, the official collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.
    • China Doctoral Dissertations Full-Text Database
      A searchable online collection of masters theses from over 300 institutions across China, produced by CNKI. The Library?s licence provides full-text access to 3 segments: series F, Literature/history/philosophy; series G, Politics/military affairs/law; series H, Education/social sciences for the period 1999-2010.
    • China Masters Theses Full-Text database
      A searchable online collection of masters theses from over 300 institutions across China, produced by CNKI. The Library?s licence provides full-text access to 3 segments: series F, Literature/history/philosophy; series G, Politics/military affairs/law; series H, Education/social sciences for the period 1999-2010.
    • Deutsche Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts
      A searchable facsimile collection of first editions and early collected editions of literary and critical works by German-speaking authors of the eighteenth century
    • International Tables for Crystallography
      A searchable online version of the classic series sponsored by the International Union of Crystallography. The wide range of articles and the numerous tables of data assist in the use of crystallographic methods in all sciences concerned with the structure and properties of materials.
    • Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry Archive
      In conjunction with the Library?s current licence the archive provides online access on the Wiley InterScience platform to all issues of the journal, from its inception in 1964.
    • Journal of Visualized Experiments
      JoVE is an online journal publishing visualized (video-based) biological research studies. "This publication aims to solve some of the most difficult problems in the contemporary life science research: low transparency and reproducibility of biological experiments, time-consuming learning of experimental techniques..."
    • Literary Manuscripts (Leeds)
      A searchable facsimile collection of 190 seventeenth and eighteenth century verse manuscripts held by the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds.
    • MedicinesComplete
      MedicinesComplete is a collection of online reference books from Pharmaceutical Press. The Library's licence has been extended to cover six additional works, including the BNF for children, Drug administration via enteral feeding tubes, and Stockley?s herbal medicines.
    • Oxford Bibliographies Online
      An online bibliographic tool from Oxford University Press, designed to help students and researchers in the humanities and social sciences find reliable information sources quickly. To date the Library has acquired two OSO modules: Classics and Criminology.
    • Oxford Scholarship Online
      OSO is a searchable online collection of scholarly books published by oxford University Press. The Library's licence has been extended to cover new collections in Neuroscience and Public Health & Epidemiology. Books to be released from May 2010 through January 2011 have also been acquired for the following subject collections: Classical Studies, History, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. OSO books are individually recorded in and linked from the catalogue on release.
    • Victorian Popular Culture
      A searchable online collection of source material on popular entertainment in late eighteenth and nineteenth century Britain and America, with supporting essays. The first two units focus on spiritualism, sensation and magic, circuses, sideshows and freaks. The third (and final) module, covering music hall and theatre, is scheduled for release late 2010.
    • Wiley Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science
      A searchable online encyclopedia on the Wiley InterScience platform providing broad coverage of mathematical theory, algorithms, modeling, and application issues in operations research and management science.

    Library Workshops in July
    28 June 2010

    Find amazing things in your Library! Learn how to:

    • Quickly find full text scholarly readings online
    • Get what you want in Library databases
    • Access and use e-book collections
    • Master Google Scholar
    • And much more...

    Book your place now - classes fill fast!

    The Grafton IC Temporary Closure
    23 June 2010

    The Grafton Information Commons will be closed temporarily for PC replacement from Monday 28th June to Friday 2nd July.

    We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Audiovisual Library Closed for Relocation
    15 June 2010

    The Audiovisual Library will be closed from Friday July 2nd for relocation.
    Re-opening on Monday July 12th 24 Symonds Street Ground Floor.

    General Library Extended Hours
    8 June 2010

    The General Library?s extended hours during Semester 1 Exam period is as follows:

    Monday - Friday 8am to 10pm
    Saturday - Sunday 9am to 10pm

    The opening hours for all Libraries and Information Commons are available from the hours page.

    Queen's Birthday General Library Hours
    2 June 2010

    The General Library will open for the Queen?s Birthday on Monday 7th June from 8am to 10pm. The opening hours for all Libraries and Information Commons are available from the hours page.


    Important New Datasets Update:

    • Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
      A searchable online bibliography of German language, linguistics, and literary studies, from the Middle Ages to the present.
    • Comprehensive Natural Products II
      A searchable online handbook on the ScienceDirect platform focusing on trends in natural products research: the isolation, identification, structure elucidation, and chemical characteristics of naturally occurring compounds such as pheromones, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and enzymes.
    • Datamonitor Case Studies
      A collection of over 200 marketing case studies prepared by Datamonitor, 2004-2009. The individual reports are hosted locally and are being recorded in and linked from the Catalogue; the catalogued titles can be retrieved collectively through a subject search on: 'business case study'.
    • Dictionary of Irish Biography
      A searchable online biographical dictionary published by Cambridge University Press in collaboration with the Royal Irish Academy.
    • DynaMed
      An evidence-based point-of-care reference tool from Ebsco Publishing, DynaMed is designed for primary care physicians, providing clinically-organized summaries on more than 3,000 topics. Summaries are derived from peer-reviewed sources, and the database is updated daily.
    • Endocrine Society Journal Archive, 1917-1996
      In conjunction with the Library?s current subscriptions the Endocrine Society?s legacy archive provides online access to all issues of Endocrine Reviews, Endocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology, and the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism and its predecessor. Each journal is recorded in and linked from the Catalogue.
    • Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology
      searchable online encyclopaedia on the Wiley InterScience platform, offering extensive coverage of industrial biotechnology: industrial biological processes, techniques, equipment, products, as well as ethical and regulatory issues.
    • Global Market Information Database
      The Library's Passport GMID licence has been extended to include Euromonitor's Economic Observer database. It offers a wide range of short-term economic data updated on a monthly or quarterly basis, enabling users to analyse recent economic trends and developments across 52 countries and 19 macro-indicators. To locate the Economic Observer within the GMID database go to the 'Countries & Consumers' tab, then select 'Economy, Finance & Trade'.
    • Henry Stewart Talks. Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection
      A searchable collection of audio-visual presentations on topics in biomedicine and the life sciences. Currently containing over 900 presentations, the collection is continuously updated and expanded.
    • International Studies Encyclopedia
      A searchable encyclopaedia published by Wiley Blackwell in association with the International Studies Association, offering over 400 peer-reviewed essays on a wide range of topics.
    • JSTOR Plant Science
      A searchable database of plant type specimens drawn from digitized journals in the JSTOR collection, reference books, the Kew Garden's Directors' correspondence, and other sources. Over 600,000 specimens are currently available; it is estimated that the database will provide about 2.2 million specimens on completion of the project.
    • Medieval Family Life
      Facsimiles and searchable transcriptions from printed editions of five major letter collections and associated manuscripts from fifteenth century England: the Paston, Stonor, Cely, Plumpton and Amburgh papers. Supporting resources include an introductory essay, family trees, an interactive map, and a slideshow of medieval images sourced from the British Library.
    • Social and Personality Psychology Compass
      An online service from Wiley-Blackwell providing original, peer-reviewed surveys of current research and theory.
    • Wiley Encyclopedia of Forensic Science
      A searchable online encyclopaedia on the Wiley InterScience platform providing an extensive and up-to-date account of the specialist knowledge employed by professionals involved in every aspect of the forensic process.

    EZproxy Maintenance on Thursday Night
    19 May 2010

    On Thursday 20 May 2010 maintenance work will be done to EZproxy between 10pm and 11pm. It is hoped there will be no interruption to the EZproxy service, but if there are interruptions, they should be brief.

    We apologise for inconvenience caused.

    Digital TV
    3 May 2010

    The Library is continuing to provide access to two digital TV services in 2010 ? UniSat and e-cast. There is a new link to Digital TV from the Resources section of the Library home page.

    New Tamaki IC
    3 May 2010

    The Science Faculty Lab located in the Tamaki Library has now become an Information Commons. Students will be able to use this like other IC facilities on the City, Grafton, and Epsom campuses. Opening hours for the new IC will remain unchanged at Tamaki.

    Monday-Friday: 8.30am-9pm
    Saturday & Sunday: 10am-4pm

    The Tamaki IC has the standard IC software on the computers. This means software previously installed by Science will not be available in this lab after 3 May 2010. However this software will still be available in other labs managed by Science at Tamaki (721-122, 721-131, 721-134 and 723-131).

    For more information please see the Information Commons website.


    Important New Datasets Update:

    • Eighteenth Century Collections Online
      ECCO has been enhanced with a addition of a second module, adding over 45,000 works. The database now provides searchable facsimile editions of around 180,000 titles (200,000 volumes). Catalogue records for the newly released works are being loaded.
    • Eighteenth Century Journals
      A searchable online collection from Adam Matthew Digital providing facsimiles of rare journals printed between 1685 and 1815. The Library?s licence has been extended to cover module IV, adding rare publications sourced from Chetham's Library in Manchester, and the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds.
    • Encyclopedia of Electrochemical Power Sources
      A searchable online encyclopaedia on the ScienceDirect platform focusing on the environmental and economic impact of electrochemical power sources, including batteries, fuel cells, electrolyzers, supercapacitors, and photo-electrochemical cells.
    • Illustrated London News Historical Archive
      A searchable facsimile version of the London Illustrated News, from its inception in May 1842 to 2003. Published by Gale Cengage, the database comprises 250,000 pages and about three quarters of a million illustrations; it provides a significant visual archive of 160 years of British and world history.
    • Institute of Southeast Asian Studies E-Book Collection
      A searchable online collection of over 200 books published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2001-2009. Based in Singapore, ISEAS is a regional research centre focusing on the analysis of socio-political, security, and economic trends and developments in Southeast Asia.
    • Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers
      This collection has been extended with the acquisition of module II, adding 20 regional newspapers. It now includes cross-searchable runs of 70 national and regional British newspapers published 1800-1900.
    • Shrier's Corrosion
      An online handbook on the ScienceDirect platform, covering the basic concepts of corrosion, high temperature corrosion, experimental evaluation and modelling, the corrosion of engineering materials, and the management and control of corrosion.

    More Power Points for Laptops
    26 April 2010

    Laptop users will be pleased to know that 255 extra power outlets have been installed on the perimeter of Levels 2-6 in the General Library.

    General Library Hours
    20 April 2010

    ANZAC Day
    Sunday, April 25, 2010

    The General Library will be closed. The Kate Edger Information Commons and Short Loan in the Kate Edger Information Commons will be open normal hours. Please refer to the Library website for the hours of other UofA libraries and Information Commons.

    Self Issue Available in the General Library
    19 April 2010

    general library self-issue machine Self issue machines are now available in the General Library close to the Lending and Enquiry Desks. Avoid the queues and borrow books yourself using the simple onscreen instructions. The machines can be used to check what you have on loan and also to renew items.

    New Energy Efficient Lighting
    12 April 2010

    Energy efficient lights have been installed in the General Library as well as stack sensors which are activated when a person enters the shelving areas. Big energy savings are expected with the new configuration.

    Internet Explorer 8 and Find Full Text
    9 April 2010

    Internet Explorer 8 does not function correctly with the Find Full Text system in certain circumstances. The problem occurs when you have already clicked a GO button and have left the new window open. If you do not close the window containing the article, clicking another GO button might not work correctly. See further details.

    February & March

    Important New Datasets Update:

    • Audio Drama : the L.A. Theatre Works Collection
      A collection of plays performed by the L.A. Theatre Works company. The works were recorded specifically for online listening and are delivered in streaming audio.
    • Engineering Collection
      A searchable full-text collection of Australasian engineering journals, conference papers and technical reports on the Informit platform.
    • Ethnographic Video Online
      A searchable video collection from Alexander Street Press, designed as a resource for the study of human culture and behaviour. The scope of the collection is international, and features the work of many influential documentary filmmakers. The initial release includes over 200 titles, and on completion the collection will contain 1,000 films.
    • Financial Times Historical Archive
      An online archive from Gale Cengage providing a searchable facsimile copy of each issue of the Financial Times, from its inception in 1888 through 2006.
    • Meanjin Archive, 1940-1995
      Searchable full-text coverage on Informit of the first 55 years of Meanjin, the Australian magazine focusing on literature, the arts, social and cultural affairs.
    • PressDisplay
      A searchable online newspaper collection, providing access to the current issues of over 1,000 newspapers from 82 countries. The newspapers are presented in facsimile format, as they appear in print, and are released at the same time (sometimes earlier) than the print editions.


    Important New Datasets Update:


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