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Commonly used company information databases:

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Listed and de-listed companies' business description and overview, performance summary and outlook. It includes companies' annual reports, financial statements, top shareholders, stock prices and news.
  • Osiris 
    Covers company contact information, legal and account information, main activity and industry, key financial and employees, directors and managers, auditor details and ownership information. Includes NZ companies.
  • Factiva
    Global and New Zealand company profiles and company news. To search for a company, select Company/Market tab.
  • MarketLine Advantage 
    Company profile reports outlining key facts, business descriptions, key employees, top competitors, company overview, major products and services. Find company profiles by clicking on the Companies icon on the MarketLine Advantage homepage. Limited New Zealand coverage.
  • Mergent Online 
    US and international companies' synopsis, history, joint ventures, subsidiaries, long term debt, executives, and news.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Provides company profile information, including company description, share price chart, company earnings, dividend, company contact information and management names. To search for company information, type the company's name or ticker in the search box, and then type DES in the search box.

Supplementary databases for company information:

  • BMI Research
    Country and industry analysis and forecasts. The company intelligence section provides information on company expansion, finance, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and products and services.
  • Business Source Premier 
    New Zealand and international company profiles, industry profiles, country reports and market research reports, and SWOT analysis.
  • Passport GMID 
    Company background, key facts, products and services, competitive positioning analysis and statistics.
  • Hoover's Company Records 
    Company overview and history, officers and board members, competitors, products and operations, auditors, rankings, related industry information and historical financials.                                                                                                     Top of page


  • a'Courts (NZ)
    Online business directory. Search for businesses by product, trade index, brand or company name.
  • Companies Office (NZ)
    New Zealand official companies register. Information on company addresses, director details and documentation on annual returns.
  • NZX Company Directory (NZ)
    From Sharechat. Links to companies on the NZX main board, unlisted securities market and new capital market.
  • The New Zealand business who's who (NZ)
    Company contact information, executive details, brief financials, and products and brand information.
  • The Treasury, State Owned Enterprises (NZ)
    From the New Zealand Treasury website, where you can find information on state owned enterprises.
  • Kompass
    Global business directory, information on company executives, branches, localities, a list of products and services, brief financials, and trade and brand names. Includes NZ.
  • Who owns whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East & Africa
    A print directory of parent, associate and subsidiary companies.   
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News, articles and announcements

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    NZX market announcements and individual company's announcements.
  • National Business Review (NZ)
    Business and financial daily news service providing news, comment and analysis.
  • Newztext Plus (NZ)
    Contains news and business publications, such as the National Business Review.
  • ABI/Inform 
    Coverage of a large number of business journals, magazines and newspapers. To find company news, enter the name of the company, limit your search to Companies/organization field and select Newspapers as the source type.  
  • Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
    Newspaper and magazine articles about New Zealand and Australian companies.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Contains real time company news and industry news. To search for company news, type the company's name or ticker in the search box, then type in CN.
  • Business Source Premier
    Offers a mixture of newspaper and journal articles, company profiles and industry reports.
  • Factiva
    Global news, business news, company news and industry information.
  • Compustat (restricted access)
    Provides earnings announcements. The code is RDQE (Report of Quarterly Earnings). US companies.
  • Wall Street Journal   
    Useful for finding company announcement dates. The Wall Street Journal from 1986 onwards is also available in ABI/INFORM.                                                                                                                                 Top of page

Executives, compensation and biographies

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Annual reports can include remuneration information and other corporate governance material.
  • Factiva
    General information and news about company executives.
  • Mergent Online
    US and some Canadian executive information, including biographies, compensation, committees, and executive insider trading details.
  • Osiris
    Details of current directors and managers for international public companies, including New Zealand.
  • BoardRoom
    A directory of directors and senior executives of companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Includes remuneration figures for directors and senior employees.
  • Company Check
    Information on current and past directors of UK companies.
  • Riskmetrics (restricted access)
    Directors and corporate governance data for US S&P 1500 companies.
  • Compustat Quarterly Updates (restricted access)
    Provides US company executive compensation data.
  • China Vitae
    Biographies of Chinese business leaders.                                                                                                                                       Top of page

Financial dataAnnual reports and filingsInvestment reportsAuditors reports

Financial data

Financial results, including those of multinationals operating in New Zealand, must be reported to the Companies Office (as laid out in the Financial Reporting Act).

Financial data for private companies can be difficult to find. The best resources to use are media reports from news databases, in particular Newztext Plus and Factiva. Also search the Companies Office website for company names, and view Annual Returns under Documents.

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Listed and de-listed New Zealand companies. Financials, announcements, annual reports, top shareholders, prices, forecasts, investment and financial profiles, and dividend history.
  • Company statistical review service (1968-83) and Listed company financial information (1983-87) (NZ)
    This New Zealand financial data includes a consolidated balance sheet, often with three or four years data, and an analysis of accounts giving three to ten years data. Later data includes ratios, share prices and P/E ratio, investment performance, and balance sheet summary.
  • Cost of Capital reports (NZ)
    From PwC, 'provides estimates for selected New Zealand companies of earnings multiples, equity betas and their Weighted Average Cost of Capital'.
  • Financial institutions performance survey (NZ)
    Annual publication from KPMG, provides financial data for banks, finance companies and savings institutions. Earlier copies are available in print.
  • Factiva
    Financials for international listed companies, including New Zealand. Use the companies/markets tab to search by company name.
  • Mergent Online
    Key financials, balance sheets back to at least five years, income statements, cash flow and equity pricing. Global coverage, including New Zealand.
  • Osiris
    Detailed financial information on 70,000 listed, and major delisted, companies around the world, including New Zealand.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Provides historical fundamentals data and future estimates, including historical and intraday share price data, company income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements, financial ratios, company segments and more. Global coverage, including New Zealand. Some of the commonly used commands are listed below:
    • EE: finds a company's earnings estimates
    • ERN: searches for a company's earnings history
    • DVD: searches for dividend related data
    • FA: retrieves a company's fundamentals data, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and earnings ratios etc.
    • TRA: searches for total returns data
    • COMP: generates comparative returns
    • EQS: creates a customized list of securities match with your research criteria.
    • RV: compares the financial performance of your interested company to other competitors in the same industry.
  • Datastream (restricted access)
    Company accounts information plus time series equity data. Global coverage, including New Zealand. See FAQs for Datastream.
  • WRDS (restricted access)
    • Compustat: Annual and quarterly income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and supplemental data items on most publicly held US companies and global companies including New Zealand.
    • CRSP: Security price, return, and volume data for the NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq stock markets.
    • I/B/E/S: Forecasts from security analysts, including earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections and stock recommendations.
  • SEC Info
    Securities information from the SEC EDGAR.

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Annual reports and filings

  • NZX Annual Reports (NZ)
    Annual reports of listed and delisted New Zealand companies.
  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Contains auditors' fees summary. To access this information, click on the Professionals drop down menu, then select Auditors Fees.
  • Mergent Online
    Annual reports for US and international companies, including NZ. Click on the Reports tab. For SEC and SEDAR (Canada) filings, use either the Government Filings tab or access via individual company.
  • EDGAR Company Filings
    From the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) website. Free access to the filing information of more than 20 million US companies. Please see the SEC's guide on how to use this database.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Provide access to company annual reports and SEC filings.

Tip: Most companies publish their annual reports in full text on their websites. Additionally, the Library holds print annual reports for publicly listed New Zealand companies. If you need access to these reports, contact one of the business librarians.

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Investment reports

  • WRDS (restricted access) 
    I/B/E/S within WRDS provides financial forecasts from security analysts, including earnings per share, revenue, cash flow, long-term growth projections and stock recommendations.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Contains brokers' reports and analysts' recommendations (ANR).
  • World Investment Report 
    Produced by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the report contains in-depth analysis and trends in foreign direct investment worldwide at both regional and country levels.
  • Global Investment Trends Monitor
    Also from UNCTAD, contains global investment trends reports from 2009 onwards.
  • Investment Policy Monitor
    Also from UNCTAD, contains the latest developments in foreign investment policies, both at the national and international level.
  • Monitoring trade and investment measures
    From, contains reports to G20 on trade and investment measures.

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Auditors reports

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Auditors' fees summary information. Click on the Professionals drop down menu to access auditors' fees information.
  • Audit Analytics​ (restricted access)
    Audit information for US public companies and accounting firms.
  • Osiris
    Auditors' details for public listed companies.
  • All About Auditors
    From the US SEC, this page contains information on how to identify the auditors of a publicly traded company.
  • Mergent Online
    Extract auditing information, year by year, as one item from an annual report.
  • Compustat (restricted access)
    US companies.

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Stock exchange and data | Initial Public Offering (IPOs)

Stock exchange and data

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Share trading prices (opening, closing, high and low) and trading volumes back to 1990.
  • New Zealand Herald (NZ)
    Daily high, low and close, and P/E ratio. Use for historic share price data.
  • NZX Markets (NZ)
    Information on New Zealand listed companies including share prices, stock codes, indices, and announcements. Has current share price (30 minutes delay).
  • NZX Weekly Diary (NZ)
    A summary of all market announcements issued by NZX during the previous week, and upcoming changes to the status of Listed Issuers and Securities. 1976-2000 in print; later issues online through i-Search.
  • Datastream (restricted access)
    Provides share data for listed and de-listed companies. Key data sets include equities and company financials, stock market indices, unit and investment trusts, warrants, and bonds. Available frequencies include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Includes New Zealand companies. See FAQs for Datastream.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Provide historical and intraday share price data and charts.
  • WRDS (restricted access)
    Includes access to CRSP (NYSE, AMEX and Nasdaq stock markets), I/B/E/S, and the Dow Jones Industrial Averages.
  • Factiva
    Stock prices for companies worldwide. Use Companies / Markets tab to find listed companies, then click Quotes for prices.
  • Osiris
    Stock data, stock valuation, and monthly, weekly and daily pricing. International coverage, including New Zealand.
  • Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
    Information for the ASX including stock quotes, market data, share prices, tools and resources as well as investment information.
  • Major Stock Indices
    Produced by NASDAQ, summarises the performance of major groupings of stocks, classified by the exchange on which they trade and region.
  • World stock exchanges
    Links to major stock exchanges worldwide.
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
    SEC oversees the key participants in the securities world, including securities exchanges, securities brokers and dealers, investment advisors, and mutual funds.
  • Stock market data and financial markets summary
    Produced by the Wall Street Journal, providing both real time data and data from the past three years. Covers share trading information, foreign exchange rates, commodities and futures, and mutual funds.
  • World Federation of Exchanges Statistics
    Includes detailed market statistics.

Also look at company announcements.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Top of page                                                              

Initial Public Offering (IPOs)

  • NZX Company Research (NZ)
    Includes listing prospectuses.
  • IPO (NZ)
    From the National Business Review website. Contains New Zealand companies' IPO news.
  • SDC Platinum (restricted access)
    The Global New Issues database within SDC platinum has IPOs from 1970 onwards.
  • Osiris
    Look up recent companies' IPOs by date. Select stock data, then choose IPO date.
  • IPO Performance
    Produced by Hoovers, contains IPO filings, IPO calendar and IPO performance.
  • Investment dealers' digest
    Contains the performance review of the most recent 100 IPO companies (1991-2011).
  • Upcoming IPO
    Produced by NASDAQ, contains latest IPOs information.
  • IPO
    From the Financial Times, contains international companies' IPO news.  
  • IPO data
    From Professor Jay Ritter's IPO page at University of Florida.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    The standard price chart in Bloomberg contains IPO information.

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Databases | Websites and online reports | Journals


  • NZX Weekly Diary (NZ)
    A summary of all market announcements issued by NZX during the previous week including mergers and takeover offers.
  • Financial deals tracker database
    From MarketLine Advantage. Global mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity deals, venture finance deals, private placements, IPOs, and partnerships across various industries.
  • SDC platinum (restricted access)
    Contains global mergers and acquisitions transactions from 1979 to present, including New Zealand mergers and acquisitions. Also has a joint ventures and strategic alliances option in the M&A component, with this data being from 1988.
  • Mergent Online 
    Contains company's mergers and acquisitions history. See under Company Details > History. Also includes joint venture and alliance information. See under News tab.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Contains current and historical mergers and acquisitions data, including deals overview, deals breakdown, capital flow, league tables, deals list, buyers list and time series. To retrieve data, type command MA in search box and press GO on keyboard.

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Websites and online reports

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M&A journal publications

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Business history

  • Business history project (NZ)
    Created by the University of Auckland, the project includes brief histories of ASB Bank, Barfoot and Thompson, DB Breweries, Levene, Fletcher Construction, Ports of Auckland, Winstones, and Fisher and Paykel.
  • The Fletcher Trust Archive (NZ)
    Contains the records of several hundred companies acquired or merged into Fletcher Challenge Limited.
  • An archival directory of business records held in the Auckland Region (NZ)
    Outlines official publications and institutional/commercial publications as sources of information. Lists records under broad industry categories.
  • A select bibliography of the business history of New Zealand (NZ)
    Lists articles, books and theses about companies and industries. Published by the University of Auckland.
  • New Zealand Gazette (NZ)
    The Company Notices include appointment and release of receivers/managers/liquidators, removals, cessation of business, applications for winding up companies, partnership notices, and alteration of memorandum of association. Print available from 1854 onwards.
  • The dictionary of New Zealand biography (NZ)
    For information on New Zealand company founders.
  • New Zealand archives and manuscripts collections also contain documents on company history, including the Hocken Library collection from the University of Otago, and TAPUHI from the Alexander Turnbull Library.
  • International directory of company histories
    Multi-volume reference work. Covers histories of both public and private companies that have leading influence in a particular industry or geographic location.
  • Business databases are a useful source for articles on companies, including business history.


  • New Zealand Business Who's Who (NZ)
    Lists details from over 17,000 New Zealand companies and over 10,000 Directors. The print edition includes a listing of subsidiaries and associated companies cross-referenced to parent companies.
  • Osiris
    Ownership data for public companies. Includes subsidiary information and shareholder data. Includes New Zealand companies.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Contains current and historical ownership data. To retrieve ownership data, type the name of the company in the search box, then type command OWN.
  • Who owns whom. Australasia, Asia, Middle East & Africa
    Print directory of parent, associate and subsidiary companies. Includes New Zealand.
  • Mergent Online
    Includes a list of subsidiaries for each company.
  • SEC Info 
    Securities information from the SEC EDGAR. Institutional ownership reports filed up to one year previous.
  • Privatisation database
    From the World Bank and International Finance Corporation. Information on privatisation transactions in developing countries, from 2000-08.
  • SDC platinum (restricted access)
    There is a privatisation flag in the Mergers and Acquisitions component.

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Centres and organisations | Law, regulations and guidelines | Rankings | Databases

Centres and organisations

New Zealand

International bodies




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Law, regulations and guidelines

New Zealand

For more information regarding New Zealand legislation and regulations on companies, please see the New Zealand Legal Resources guide.


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    Provides comprehensive business publications on corporate governance including Corporate governance: An international review; Corporate governance; IUP Journal of corporate governance‎.
  • Business Source Premier
    Contains key corporate governance journals, such as Corporate governance: An international review; Corporate governance advisor; Corporate governance: the international journal of effective board performance.
  • ScienceDirect
    Includes journal titles such as Corporate governance and regulatory impact on mergers and acquisitions; Corporate governance.
  • Scopus
    Includes journals such as Corporate governance; Corporate ownership and control; Journal of management and governance;  Corporate board role duties and composition; corporate governance bingley; Corporate governance in developing economies country studies of Africa Asia and Latin America.
  • Emerald
    Includes journals such as Corporate governance; Journal of financial regulation and compliance; Social responsibility journal; Managerial auditing journal.
  • Google Scholar
    Scholarly literature search engine. Search for "corporate governance" OR "board governance".
  • Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre
    Contains Australian and New Zealand publications on corporate governance issues.
  • OECD iLibrary
    Search for "corporate governance" to find relevant publications. For example, book series on corporate governance addresses issues such as board composition and nomination, the role of institutional investors, board incentives, risk management and  supervision and enforcement.
  • Databases about board of directors, compensation and biography.

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Databases | Journals | Websites


  • Factiva
    Contain companies rankings within specific industries. To find rankings information, click the Companies/Markets tab > Industry link > choose the industry (eg, Air Transportation) > Peer Comparison link. You can rank companies by sales, number of employees and market capitalization.
  • TableBase
    Part of RDS Business Suite, this database contains market share, company and brand rankings, industry and product forecasts, production and consumption statistics, imports and exports, usage and capacity, number of users/outlets and trends.
  • Bloomberg (restricted access)
    Provides lists of major players in various industries. Companies are ranked by market share, revenue and other criteria. To retrieve data, type command BI in search box and use the left hand filters to further refine your search results.

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  • Financial Institutions Performance Survey (NZ)
    Annual survey published by KPMG, provides financial data for banks, finance companies and savings institutions. The Library holds earlier copies, from 1986, in print. More recent reports are available online.
  • New Zealand Management (NZ)
    Listed and unlisted, New Zealand subsidiaries of overseas companies, producer boards, and co-operatives. Contains business ranking information and the annual ranking lists are available on Business Source Premier.
  • Business Review Weekly
    Includes ranked lists for Australian companies.
  • Accounting today 
    Contains annual survey data on the top 100 Accounting firms (ranking by revenue). Note: data is incomplete.

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Books and reports | Databases | Statistics | Websites

Books and reports

Search for books about small to medium enterprises by typing relevant search terms (eg, small to medium enterpris*) in the Catalogue. 

Note: * is a truncation symbol, which searches for variant word endings (eg, enterpris* will return results for enterprise or enterprises).

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  • OECD iLibrary 
    Covers books, working papers, statistics, glossaries and factbook about global small to medium enterprises.
  • World Bank eLibrary
    Contains books, working papers and journal articles about small to medium enterprises worldwide.
  • Business Source Premier
    Offers extensive coverage in journal articles and research reports about small to medium enterprises.

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  • Bankruptcies, in Entrepreneurship at a glance
    Statistical data source from OECD iLibrary. This chapter contains insolvency and bankruptcies statistics from 14 countries from 2006.
  • Datastream (restricted access)
    See the Economics series. Try a free text search using the keywords bankruptcies or insolvencies. Also see the help page FAQs for Datastream.
  • Hines, T. M. (2006). Sources for researching business bankruptciesJournal of Business and Finance Librarianship. 11(3), 3-17.
  • Bankruptcy
    From the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Canada Corporations Law Reporter
    Legal commentary on Canadian company and commercial law, including bankruptcy and insolvency topics, with relevant legislation and cases.
  • UCLA-LoPucki Bankruptcy Research database
    Produced by the UCLA School of Law, this database contains data on all large, public company bankruptcy cases filed in the US Bankruptcy Courts from 1 October 1979 to the most recent update.


  • Referencing
    Access a range of tools and support material to assist your referencing work.


  • Quick©ite
    Use this interactive tool to view examples of references.
    Covers a range of styles used at the University of Auckland. Includes an example for statistics and numeric data

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