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The ProQuest database is made up of over 50 individual databases. Content includes academic journals, magazines, newspapers and trade publications, most of which are available in full text. Subject areas covered include science, engineering, business, health, arts, medicine, political science, linguistics and many more.

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Citations date from 1971 forward; full-text backfiles date from 1987 forward. Please consult the title list for details.


Indexes scholary material on English language, literature and related fields, providing a high proportion in full text.
In-depth coverage of a large number of business journals, magazines and newspapers. Includes three databases - ABI/Inform Dateline, ABI/Inform Global and ABI/Inform Trade and Industry. Subjects covered include business conditions, management techniques, business trends, management practice and theory, corporate strategy and tactics and competitive landscape.
Accounting & Tax
Covers key publications in accounting, auditing, and financial management. Also included are citations to relevant articles from business magazines, dissertations, news magazines, and some US newspapers.
ARTbibliographies Modern
Index of contemporary art, photography, design journals and museum bulletins.
ASFA: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts
Abstracts on science, technology and management of marine, brackish and freshwater environments. Produced in the US by Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System, it covers publications from over 40 languages.
Banking Information Source
Information about the banking industry, banking law, financial institutions, financial services industry and investments. Sources include academic journals, trade journals, business magazines and newspapers.
Bibliografia de la Literatura Espanola desde 1980
A bibliography of literary works and criticism relating to Spanish literature since 1980. Results include English language publications.
Canadian Newsstand
The full text of over 250 Canadian newspapers including The Globe and Mail. It includes the complete available electronic backfile for most newspapers, providing full access to the articles, columns, editorials and features.
Career and Technical Education
Aimed at vocational/technical students and instructors but includes many titles that are useful in an academic environment. Subjects include practical studies such as electronics, computer technology, graphic arts, child care, office skills and public safety.
CBCA Complete
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Complete covers current events, business, science, the arts, and academic information. Indexes over 1600 titles with full text available for one third of these.
COS Papers Invited
Assists researchers at all levels, eg, scientists, lecturers, post-docs and students, to look for publishing opportunities for their research papers. It presents Calls for Papers issued by professional bodies, journal editors and other conference organizers in all disciplines.
Criminal Justice Periodicals
ProQuest Criminal Justice is a comprehensive database of international journals and other publications covering crime, law enforcement, corrections administration, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law and industrial security.
Design and Applied Arts Index
DAAI contains over 130,000 annotated references from more than 500 design and craft journals and newspapers and contains data on over 50,000 designers, craftspeople, studios and firms.
EIS : Digests of Environmental Impact Statements
Abstracts of all environmental impact statements issued by the US federal government. Each entry describes the project, positive impact and negative consequences, and legal mandates.
Engineering Research Database
Covers the serial and non-serial literature on civil, earthquake, environmental, mechanical and transportation engineering. Includes forensic engineering, management and marketing of engineering services, engineering education, theoretical mechanics and dynamics, and mathematics/computation. Content includes basic and applied research, design, construction, technological and engineering aspects of air and water quality, environmental safety, energy production and developments in new technologies. A ProQuest database.
Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management
Covers a range of environmental topics and provides abstracts from journals, conference proceedings, reports, books and government publications including the TOXLINE and Conference Papers Index.
Includes articles on gender topics such as sexuality, religion, societal roles, feminism, eating disorders, healthcare, and the workplace. Also indexes dissertations, newspapers and popular journals.
Health & Medical Complete
Indexes articles from over 1500 medical journals, and provides the full text of most. A ProQuest collection.
Hoover's Company Records
Profiles of over 40,000 public and private companies, 600 industries, and 225,000 key executives. Information includes : Company overview and history; Officers and board members; Competitors; Products and Operations; Auditors; Rankings; Related industry information; and Historical financials. Company Records are linked from other ProQuest databases.
IBSS - International Bibliography of the Social Sciences
Includes references to social science journal articles, books, book chapters and reviews, with an emphasis on anthropology, economics, political studies and sociology. Broad coverage with international material relevant to Europe, Africa and Asia.
IIMP Full Text: International Index to Music Periodicals
Indexing and abstracts for a wide range of music periodicals, scholarly and popular. Some full-text content available.
IIPA Full Text: International Index to Performing Arts
Covers the performing arts, including dance, film, drama, television, the arts and entertainment industry, stagecraft, magic, musical theatre and performance art. A companion to IIMP Full Text (International Index to Music Periodicals). From ProQuest.
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
Covers all aspects of the study of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. LLBA includes records for theses and dissertations from Digital Dissertations, conference proceedings, book reviews, books and chapters in books, as well as articles in journals. There is a searchable thesaurus of subject headings with links to related terms.
Materials Research Database
Covers materials science, metallurgy, ceramics, polymers and composites used in engineering application. Everything from raw materials and refining through processing, welding and fabrication, to end uses, corrosion, performance and recycling is covered for all metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics and composites. A ProQuest database.
Mechanical & Transportation Engineering Abstracts
Provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the serials literature in mechanical and transportation engineering and their complementary fields. Can also be searched as part of the wider Engineering Research Database.
Succinct articles analyzing economic and political developments worldwide, and evaluating issues within a political, social and economic framework. The articles are compiled by an international network of over 1,000 faculty members at Oxford and other leading universities, as well as think-tanks and other institutions of international standing.
International journal articles, books, conference papers, statistical directories, research reports, government documents and web content pertaining to public affairs.

Topics included are administration of justice; agriculture, forestry, fishing and agricultural policy; banking, public and private finance; business and service sector; culture and religion; environmental conditions and policy; education and education policy; energy resources and policy; environment and environmental policy; government; health conditions and policy; human rights; international relations; labor conditions and policy; law and ethics; manufacturing and heavy industry; media, telecommunications and information policy; military and defense policy; politics; population groups, population policy and demographics; science and technology policy; social conditions and policy; trade and trade policy; transportation and transportation policy.
Periodicals Archive Online
A major periodicals archive in the humanities and social sciences. It covers journals from their inception, some going back for 200 years.
Pharmaceutical News Index
Journal articles from the pharmaceutical, health care, biotechnology, medical device and cosmetic industries.

Latest information on medical technology, research and legislative developments.
ProQuest Asian Business & Reference
Offers detailed information on companies, economies, markets, trade, and overall business conditions throughout Asia.

This database can be searched simultaneously with other ProQuest databases (click on the '1 database' link on the search screen and select additional or all databases).
ProQuest Australia & New Zealand Newsstand
A selection of full-text newspapers and newswires from Australia and New Zealand covering regional and international topics. Combines content from Fairfax Australia and Fairfax New Zealand, News Limited, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Australian Associated Press newswires.
ProQuest Biology Journals
Covers biological chemistry, biophysics, botany, cytology and histology, environmental studies, microbiology, microscopy and zoology, mostly as full text.
ProQuest business databases
Fourteen databases relevant to business and economics including: ABI/INFORM Complete, Accounting & Tax, Banking Information Source, CBCA Complete, Hoover's Company Records, Proquest Asian Business, Proquest European Business, Proquest Research Library and Snapshot Series.
ProQuest Computing
Selection of computing journals in the science, business and finance area. Coverage includes e-commerce, database design, and networks.

ProQuest Computing features a selection of computing journals in the Science, Business and Finance subject areas. Coverage includes product reviews and articles on topics such as database design and management, software, hardware, e-commerce, networks, intranets and the Internet, and technology management.
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
A comprehensive multidisciplinary collection of dissertations and theses from universities worldwide.
ProQuest Education Journals
Excellent range of scholarly research relating to all areas of education.

ProQuest European Business
Covers trade journals and scholarly journals with a focus on Europe.

This database can be searched simultaneously with other ProQuest databases (click on the '1 database' link on the search screen and select additional or all databases).
ProQuest Family Health
Full-text on aspects of family health from sports injuries to women's health, from food and nutrition to midwifery, from eye care to dentistry.
ProQuest Historical Newspapers
American, British and Irish newspapers.

The Library's licence covers these newspapers:

- Atlanta Constitution

- Baltimore Afro-American

- Chicago Defender

- Chicago Tribune

- Guardian & Observer (UK)

- Irish Times

- Los Angeles Times

- New York Times

- Washington Post
ProQuest Military Collection
Covers all government and military branches, including international relations, political science, criminology, defense, aeronautics and space flight, communications, civil engineering. It includes over 550 titles, with more than 400 available in full text.
ProQuest Newsstand
Full text of over 1300 newspapers, news websites and news wires from throughout the world.

This database can be searched simultaneously with other ProQuest databases (click on the '1 database' link on the search screen and select additional or all databases).
ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source
Includes journal articles and dissertations for nursing, allied health, and alternative and complementary medicine.
ProQuest Psychology Journals
Indexes journals in psychology and covers topics in psychology, business and economics, genetics, criminology, neurology and social welfare.

ProQuest Psychology Journals encompasses a wide range of topics from leading psychology and psychosomatic publications. In addition to clinical and social psychology, it provides coverage of related disciplines including genetics, psychology of business and economics, communication, criminology, addiction, neurology and social welfare.
ProQuest Religion
Theological studies; doctrines and philosophies; religious history and archeology; and religious news.
ProQuest Research Library
Multidisciplinary full-text database of academic journals, magazines and newspapers.
ProQuest Science Journals
Covers chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, transportation, astronomy, biology, earth science, and includes ASCII full text and full image formats.
ProQuest Social Science Journals
A collection of social science journals, with full text for some titles. Disciplines covered include: Addiction studies, Anthropology, Area studies, Community health and medical care, Corrections, Criminology, Economics, Family studies, Gender studies, Geography, Gerontology, International relations, Law, Minority Studies, Planning and public administration, Policy sciences, Political science, Psychiatry, Psychology, Public welfare, Social work, Urban studies.
Snapshot Series
Snapdata International Group is the only market research company to specialize in top-line international market research overviews. The Snapshot International Group Series of 4,600 reports is designed to provide an instant overview of a market, and the data is supplied in both graphical and tabular format for ease of interpretation and analysis.
Social Services Abstracts
Bibliographic coverage of current research focused on social work, human services and related areas, including social welfare, social policy and community development.
Sociological Abstracts
Provides abstracts of journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, conference papers, and citations to book reviews; extensive coverage of the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social sciences.
Full text and bibliographic details for telecommunications industry publications. It includes the latest information that is published in magazines, journals and newsletters in this fast-changing industry.
Vogue Archive
An archive of American Vogue, from the first volume published in 1892 to the current month. All content, including articles, covers, photos, illustrations, advertisements have been digitised, and indexing supports searching by designer and brand names.
Wall Street Journal
Daily newspaper offering in-depth coverage of national and international news, particularly focussing on business and finance.
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts
Political science journals, and selected books and dissertations.

Relevant to comparative politics, international relations, public policy and administration, political theory, development, environmental policy, politics and communication, welfare, electoral systems, political economy, and political behaviour. International coverage.


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